Wednesday, October 21, 2009

What it feels like being pregnant

This morning i've been browsing the net trying to look for an answer with the feelings that i am experiencing as a first time preggy mommy, and i came to this wonderful site, and read about a nice article about what it feels like being pregnant. So here it is, just wanted to share, in courtesy of

What They Forgot To Tell You About Pregnancy:

  • What it feels like to have your ribs used as footrests...from the inside.
  • That sometimes it appears like you have a strange alien creature with 10 arms and legs about to burst out your belly button...ewww!!
  • That you will probably want to go out and buy a box of adult diapers for the amount of times you end up peeing in your underwear while coughing, sneezing, laughing or throwing up.
  • That by the end of your pregnancy, you will need a forklift to help get you off the couch or bed (or at least one really strong person).
  • That even the silliest of things will make you cry your eyes out.
  • How many times you will have to call the doctor about all your super embarrassing female questions.
  • That the toilet will become your new "best friend" or "second home" for at least one reason or another.
  • That you don't really know the meaning of a full bladder until you've had to do an ultrasound....or been kicked there from the inside.
  • How bad those mood swings really can out everyone!
  • That you will get so big, you will have to stand sideways when washing dishes, doing laundry or brushing your teeth.
  • That everybody else around you apparently is a pregnancy expert, especially your mother in law.
  • That you won't be cutting your own toenails for quite a few months if you can't get anyone to help you.
  • Forget about shaving for quite a while too...unless you REALLY trust your partner!
  • That it becomes really hard to squat over the toilet with all that extra about good leg exercises!
  • That the simplest of things, like walking up a flight of stairs or walking to get the mail, would make you feel like you really need a nap.
  • That people suddenly feel like they have the right to rub and pat your growing it's not attached to the rest of you.
  • That the word "discharge" would become a common part of your vocabulary....and the scary thing won't be embarrassed!
  • That they just don't make sexy bras in DD's. It's all about support, support and more support!
  • Sexy can forget those too! Comfort and cotton...that's it!
  • That you will never look at your husband quite the same again.
  • That your breasts start leaking BEFORE the baby is even here yet.
  • That you will cry when strangers say to you, "any day now?", when you are only 6 months along.
  • That whoever coined the term "morning sickness" didn't know what they were talking about. What it should be named is "morning, midday, afternoon, evening and night sickness".
  • What it actually feels like to be kicked or headbutted in the cervix..owww!!
  • That rolling over in bed from one side of your body to the other is a huge chore requiring lots of huffing and puffing
  • That the sleepless nights begin BEFORE the baby is born.
  • That you had better buy some slip on shoes for when you get real big...unless you are going to have someone around to tie your shoes for you.
  • That you will spend so much time cleaning and re-cleaning the same exact things over and over again in preparation for the baby's arrival.
  • That you won't care how much of a pig you look like when you gobble down your second full plate of food...much to every one's amazement!
  • That memory is.....darn it! What was I going to say?
  • That you can both hysterically laugh and hysterically cry within the same few moments.
  • That your sense of smell is a lot better than it used to be, especially when it comes to the things that make you nauseous.
  • That you will start to break out in pimples like you are going through puberty all over again.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Feel the baby kicked

For a week now i've been overwhelmed with the movement and kicks of my little angel inside my womb, sometimes i feel it super low, especially in my bladder that i have to run in the washroom as its so uncomfortable. But its a wonderful feeling , now its clear to me that i am really carrying a baby. I was so worried before, and now that i feel the movement, i enjoy and cherish every moment of it.

Now that i am almost 6 months, i start experiencing aches and pains in different parts of my body, especially in my back. Every time i go to sleep, i have to reposition my self so i can breath easier. oh i'm just so thankful with my body pillow, as it gives me comfort in sleeping. Sometimes i have this heartburn, gas pain and flatulence, pain in both hands every time i wake up, and there's one thing that is so annoying for me, i always have stuffy nose in the middle of the night and early morning that i should have a tissue in my bedside. Just so thankful that i dont have a skin breakout this time, not yet i guess, unlike my first pregnancy. But all of these are just minors, its part of the joy of being pregnant. I love the thought that i'm going to be a mother soon, no matter what it takes, pressure, pain or whatever it is, i'm willing to go through all those as long as my baby is healthy.

It's a big day for me and my husband as i will have my second ultrasound tomorrow. It is a detailed ultrasound, checking if there will be an abnormalities of the baby (God forbid) and we will know the gender of the baby as well. It doesn't matter to us if its a boy or a girl, as long as the baby is healthy and no abnormalities. After tomorrow, i can start decorating the room for the baby, finally! Yey! been waiting for that.....I always believe that the fulfillment of every woman's life is to be a mother, i know some women may react but majority wants to be a mother in future. Carrying or bearing a child in the womb for 9 months is not an easy task, it needs a lot of patience and love, but it is a wonderful feeling that a woman will always cherish forever.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dario and Delia....married atlast!

Monday, September 28, 2009

20 weeks pregnant....

I am at 20 weeks pregnant right now, my tummy is a bit bigger as usual 20 week pregnant women i can say, but they said that every pregnancy and pregnant women is different depends on the body built of a woman too. At first, my husband and i and the my OB thinks i'm carrying a twin, but unfortunately i'm not! oh thank God for that as its hard to take care of 2 babies at the same time, but if it really was, so be it, i will be happy too as having twins runs in our family.

At 20 weeks, the baby measures about 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters from crown to rump. Vernix caseosa, a waxy, cheese-like white substance begins to cover the baby's body and protects during a long immersion in amniotic fluid in the utero and helps the baby passing through birth canal during delivery. The baby is now covered with a fine hair called lanugo on the entire body. And the baby is now practicing breathing in preparation for surviving outside the utero even though the lungs is not mature enough to breath air or not functioning yet. Perfect time to identify the gender of the baby through ultrasound as the genitals are clearly seen at this point. If its a girl, her uteros is completely formed and for a boy, the testes have begun descending from the pelvis into the scrotum.

At this week, the baby is big enough to feel the fluttering or quickening movements in a regular basis. You can tell if the baby is asleep or awake, but in my case, i rarely feel the movement, its just all fluttering, well, as i said awhile ago that every pregnancy and pregnant women are different. The baby can now clearly hear the sounds inside the uterine as the ears are fully functional right now. Time to play the mozart music for the baby right now, i read from the cnn news last week that playing or exposing your unborn baby at 20 weeks into mozart music or classical music may stimulate the brain, alot of studies done as we all know, that mozart effect, by playing mozart music to babies in the womb build neural bridges along which thoughts and information travels. And according to study, it can stimulate brain's alpha waves thus creating a feeling of calm. For me, true or not, there's no harm in trying, classical music does soothed me so why not playing for the baby then.

As for the mother's development, the skin starts stretching to accommodate the growing baby inside your belly. For me, i started using shea or cocoa butter at 4 months since my belly started to grow a bit early. Stretch mark is every mother's battle after pregnancy, well, its not a good sight in your body ofcourse, makes you feel ugly for sure, you cant wear any sexy clothes and 2 piece swim suit, but by using those lotion might be avoided or probably lessen the stretch mark, if not dermatologists can help.

i can't wait to feel the kicks of my angel......

Monday, September 21, 2009

My twin sister is getting married....

Dario and Delia

Life is good for me and my twin sister i can say..... we're so close together since we're kids, though we argued sometimes, well, just like normal sisters do, but we shared slmost everything and understand each other most of the times, in short we are bestfriend.

Our mom used to say that we are inseparable, that we wont be separated, until i got married and lived with my husband here in canada. But faith really draw us closer together as my twin sister and my hubby's bestfriend are getting married on friday, 25th of this month, and soon she will be here too. What makes it more interesting? well, my husband's bestfriend is currently living downstairs with us in an apartelle house, when delia finally arrives here we all living in one house then. who would have thought that until we got married, i mean my twin sis and me will still be together, not just in one place but in the same household. we just got lucky i guess.....

My husband known his bestfriend dario for 18 years now, treated as brothers actually, and i've known him personally for a year now. Dario is a person who is so loyal to his friends and family, infact when he is your friend he will stand by your side no matter what or he will be a friend if no one will. He is a joker too just like my husband. Knowing him made our lives more happier.

Their relationship started 2 years ago when my hubby invited along dario in his last visit in the philippines. Prior to that, delia and dario chatted for quiet sometimes as friends. They had an instant connection right there and then during their first meeting together. When dario came back home, they constantly communicating together everyday through chatting, he went back last year to visit Delia again, they had a blast together and found a true love in each other's arm. After 2 years, they will finally tie the knot as man and wife in one of the catholic church in our hometown.

My husband and i are so happy with our family, that they end up together as they are perfect for each other, they are really a blessing to us and to those people who know them. Best wishes for them as they enter the journey of married life, its not always a honeymoon stage, there will be bumpy roads along the way but with God, respect and trust with each other, everything will be fine. I love you both! Congatulations!

Oh i can't wait the day my twin sis will be here, our life will be more happier then.......

Sunday, August 30, 2009

blast from PNE exhibits....

my husband and i and my brother in-law had a blast from the fair at the PNE (Pacific National Exhibition) held in vancouver yesterday. So many exhilarating events going on there, its a playland where you can find different exciting rides and games. and a lot more attractions there that i enjoyed so much, such as the glass house, climbing walls, bonanza shooting gallery, haunted house, mini golfs and many many more....there are live shows too where they feature superdogs, horse show, magic things like in the circus, uhmmm cutting of logs..hmm what else? gosh theres a lot to mention and ofcourse nightly concert that makes the party going through the night. As a preggy, what i love the most there was the foods, lots of yummy yummies for the tummies....oh i would love to go back and try the rides next year, it will be more exciting as it will be a hundred years for the fair, they said it will be a bigger celebration then, and my sister will be here too, so that would be a lot of fun....

Monday, August 24, 2009

inspired blogging again....

wow, its been almost 4 months i never been updated this site, thats how time fly so fast without knowing it, hmmm....actually i'v been hiding in my own little space, in the past months all i did was worrying and waiting anxiously with none sense things... but i did alot of sleeping too hehe....oh, dont be worry, everything is fine, i just and proud to say am 15 weeks pregnant right now, thank God i am passed the stage of high risk of miscarriage, well hopefully. As you know i had one last november, and because of fear, my husband and i tried to hide it from our family and friends for awhile, we've waited until our first ultrasound last aug. 6 as we dont want our family to be worried and we just wanted to make sure that the baby inside my womb is healthy. I almost cried when i heard the first fetal heartbeat during the ultrasound, it was so soothing to hear, knowing that our little angel is doing fine, it was like a beautiful music to my ear, all the worries has been erased, and replaced with hopes and dreams for our little angel. oh i just cant wait to feel the movement of my little miracle, soon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

world rose festival '09

My husband and i went to the world rose festival held at the vancouver convention center yesterday, its once in a lifetime experience where we saw different displays of roses from around the world....all the rose entrees are breath taking...i posted some that i took yesterday...if you want to check more pictures as i took like 300+, feel free to check out my multiply and friendster account:

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Golden Ears Bridge, BC, Canada

today was the opening ceremony of the Golden Ears Bridge, it is considered as the nicest bridge in british columbia. Im so glad we had the chance to take part on this once in a lifetime experience. More than 45,000 people came and witnessed the opening ceremony.......

these are all sensored camera that track all the cars that will pass in that bridge

Thursday, June 11, 2009

i love rustic furniture

i love antiques, so probably i would love to have rustic furniture in my dream house, carved furniture with fine details on it and something that is unique and elegant too.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

went fishing at horshoe bay

One of the million dollar houses at sea side.

My catch, but i set it free as its small.

My first fishing experience

My brother-in-law

been busy these days again, did some painting at the kitchen walls and the cabinets, i'm just glad that i had the chance to go out and enjoy the day last sunday with my future brother-in-law, we went fishing at horshoe bay together with his couple of friends who owned the boat. I wished my hubby went with us but the boat is not that big, for me i guess its enough for just 4 people, ah well, next time, we can rent a boat there. Anyway, it was a great day, it was sunny and the water was calm, oh it was just so perfect, alot went out and wore their perfect swimsuit or two piece and went sun bathing, but for me, oh i wore my jacket and hat as i dont want to get darker hehehe......i wanted to take out my umbrella though but its just so awkward hehe.....i enjoyed the panoramic view where you can see the natural beauty of BC, well, not all though but you can see nice green mountains, some has still snow at the top and the sea side where still lots of trees, i saw seals swimming along the boat and at the shoreline catching fish, 3 eagles circling around where we fish, alot of ducks too and a blue heron. what amazed me was the million dollar houses that was built at the ses side, there's one island where there's a very nice and big house built in there, boat is just the only means of transportation, i saw a panel of solars in which a source for electric in that house and at the other side theres a helipad for helicopters, probably owned by a multi-million businessman or a CEO for sure....hmmm.....

I never tried fishing before, i thought the fishing rod was heavy but it was so light, tried casting the fishing rod and do some jigging for half a day, lucky enough that i catched 2 fish but it was all small though so we need to take the fish back to the water......actually all of us catched fish but we all free them all as its not the right size for certain fish. But we enjoyed alot even though we never had a good size of fish after a long day of fishing. I can say i like fishing right now, i would love to go back again even if not for fishing but just enjoying the day and do nature tripping.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's day!

In celebration of this special day, the miracle of motherhood, i would like to share this beuatiful flowers fresh from my garden to all the mother's in the world. Ma this is for you, i may not be there physically to celebrate with you on this special day but in my heart and my spirit is always there with you and to papa and the rest of the family. Me and Terry wish you a Happy mother's day! We love you!

It's terrible week for me as I missed my family so bad, and then here comes mother’s day, which adds up the pain I felt, as we usually celebrate that special occasion, I remember we usually bought flowers for mama and then we always have a small lunch or dinner party for family. I tried to occupy my mind, been busy painting the cabinets in our kitchen and gardening this week but I’ve been crying while doing all those stuff. It’s painful when you are away from your family, a lot to give up, I don’t know if I still have the chance to celebrate mother’s day and every special occasion with my family again. For us Filipinos, we are so close with our family, even if we don’t have enough money or the convenience we got here in north America, we are happy as long as the family are intact, we love to share what we got, small or big or whatever it is, it seems we are contented on what we got, as long as the family are together and that what make us happy. But I chose this life, I have to get use to it, being away from the family, I will have to cherish every moment that I will have to spend with my family then when I come visit them in the Philippines soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Its good to get in touch with your friend, especially the one that you never talk for awhile. Just had a word from a friend in toronto, she and her husband are planning to move here in BC.

Talking about relocation we all know that it is really a stressfull event, a lot of planning to do. One big thing is to find a reliable moving company that ensures all your furnishings are in good hands, a company that has a good reputations and offers insurance, a company that make you feel safe, i mean a company that is efficient and hassle free, we want to make sure that the movers will handle all the porperties carefully so we have a peace of mind, and ofcourse a company that cares for your needs such assistance and offers advice.Toronto Movers - Careful Moving and Storage Inc. met all these expectaions. They are fast and reliable. This company stands out from any other moving company, they offers the best services as i mentioned above. A lot of moving companies that are good in talking but lack of actions, i know some here, they are slow, when your furnishings arrived some has scratch on it and if something damage, they wont replace or pay for it.

Careful Moving and Storage Inc. offers a lot of services. They give you a free estimate in which its really a great help for us costumers. They offered long distance movers all throughout north america, wether a residential or commercial relocations. If you are behind schedule or renovating your house and needs a storage room, or just simply needs a space in your house, this company offers the best storage facilities, a climate controlled and fireproof storage that caters all the type of storage problems you need.

Relocating is exciting, it should be fun and hassle free. You wont be wrong in choosing this company.

Friday, May 1, 2009

zap away blemishes....

wow, time past by so fast, i've been here for almost 8 months now, it seems it was just yesterday i packed my things with a mixed emotions that i left my family behind and at the same time was happy as my husband and i together atlast.

I remember before i left, i prepared myself not just emotionally but physically as well, i went to a skin care clinic in davao and had a facial scrub just to rejuvenate my skin so i looked healthier and younger. Well, when you are so much inlove, your happy hormone is high (serotonin), it makes you feel young, your face is radiantly glowing, and the eyes are sparkling hehhe...sounds oa na but i'm sure alot of people will agree on me.......

When i reached 2nd month here and got pregnant, skin blemishes showing, pimples burst out and my skin is dryer, even my hair got split ends. The doctor told me that it was a part of my pregnancy and because of the cold weather here too as it brings low temperature and low humidity. The next month i had a miscarriage. Months past even if i'm not pregnant anymore i still have blemishes and pimples in my face down to my bosom, that usually leaves a lot of scars in my face until now, i bought alot of beauty regimen especially for pimples but never really helps. Now, i'm thinking of going to a laser and skin care clinic, been thinking and reading about it for awhile, one clinic in particular, and thrilled of the services they are giving you, the Scottsdale laser and skin care clinic provides advanced treatments for a healthy and youthful body. They offer acne treament and a lot more using the latest equipment in which ensures the safest procedures to accomplish the best quality results, most of all they have a very good stuff too. I know some procedures are not that relaxing, its painful and uncomfortable, but with the help of a friendly and caring stuff, it does helps alot and ofcourse its a big factor if the clinic is clean too.

thats what i want. I probably go for anti-aging laser too, well, i'm not young anymore, taking care of myself physically is just being healthy.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

swine flu

i guess everyone knows about it, really scary. As of today 3 persons from british columbia, canada confirmed to have a swine flu, latest one is a lady from victoria, she got it after she went to cancun mexico a week ago.

as i am listening the news this morning, it does bother me knowing there are some people still going to mexico, yesterday 2 ladies took the early flight to cancun for vacationing, according to them its been planned and booked already and they said they will make sure they will do extra care of themselves...yeah right! honestly i dont care if they die or not as long as they wont get it and wont spread it is too precious, or i should say life itself.... but then if it isnt for them so be it.....and that should include in 1000 ways to die (i remember the tv series from spike tv).....the world health organization raises the the pandemic flu threat level to 5 now, as 5 is the second highest threat level, so it means this is serious and scary. Prevention is best than cure, this virus spreads to humans through sneezing and coughing and touching materials that has virus on it, what should we do to protect ourselves? stay out from the public, dont go to mexico for sure, grrrrr.....wash hands with soap and water frequently, use alcohol base hand sanitizer after being out in the public.....i hope if anyone is experiencing a flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, coughing and sneezing, pls dont go to work, avoid public area and importantly go see the doctor immediately......God bless us, i hope and pray that it will be over soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

tulips, hanging baskets flowers and flower containers

My hanging basket flowers, i just planted it so the flowers are not hang
and lushy yet, needs time to grow still.

Planted some beautiful variety of flowers in every flower containers, it
adds more beauty and colorful if its not just 1 type of flower in it.

My cut flower tulip, one of my favorite flowers, thank God i finally had the chance to
smell and touch it in person.

I planted a lot of tulips at the front yard, its all blooming now, look at them isn't it

Before, i'm not really into gardening, i love flowers but i dont really like going out in the sun and do some gardening, but just recently, my husband influenced me a lot, well, if you just see all the beautiful flowers here you'll do and love gardening then for sure. Oh i just wish all the flowers i have here will grow in the philippines too.....specially tulips...hmmm....well, just another wishful thinking....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

nice elegant curtains

cream color, there's white and gold too

showing some curtains we got, still alot more designs and colors

showing some set of curtain panels with white sheer in our living room

i wanted to post some pictures that we auctionsed last month but i always forget about it. As i said before my husband and i loves going to auction as we can bargain for sure, if we need something for the house like things that is not in need right away like curtains or chairs or sets for gardening, we always look for auctions. Able auctions is one big auctioneer or liquidator company that we always go to, they usually handles office, industrial machineries, and police stuff and many more.

Its just that sometimes its too much though, i mean not with the price but the quantity you will get. You wouldnt belive it, since we need a new curtains for the house, so we went auctioning last month, for the price of $300 we auctioned 300+ panels of brand new curtains, still in wrapped and are all very nice and elegant draperies, we saw the price in one of the curtains thats still in the package the original price was $31.00 each panel, amazing isnt it? We plan to send like a hundred in the philippines for my family, we kept like 60 for us and we will sell the remainings, we will have a garage sale maybe next month and i posted too at ebay canada. Well, if anyone is interested just contact me hehe....we got many more not just curtains, but bbq sets too, its all brand new, you can check some posting at craigslist canada and ebay. We dont need alot, so why not making money out of it then, in a way i can help others, its all brand new and the price is cheaper than in the malls or stores.....hmmm now i'm selling here hehehe.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

our chocolate faced love bird

a new member of our family, a chocolate faced love bird. His/her name is moby. We are hoping that its a male, so jojo will have a mate. We bought him/her for jojo's partner actually so she wont be lonely. He is so chirpy, very loud and has different tone of chirps than jojo though, it seems he is interested in jojo, well, i hope. For now we separate them in cage, we bought the same cage like jojo and put the cage side by side so they see each other. According to the love bird breeders, they tend to kill each other so it needs to introduce them slowly. Its been 2 weeks now since we got him, we tried to free them from thier cage and let them fly and go near each other, but jojo is still distant from moby though, well, its too early still, we will do it often so they will get along together then.....we love to see them in one cage and hoping they mate soon.....we love to see jojo to have a partner in that big cage so she's not lonely....hope it will be soon......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

got a bit of colds at spring time

my husband and i been working inside our house, we've been renovating for a week until tuesday, and after that i got colds, its perfectly sunny outside good to do some gardening or maybe going out for a walk but i was in my bed for whole day as i got sick grrrrrrr........probably i was abit over worked, fatigue maybe, hmmmm......but i'm feeling better right now, i will probably go outside weeding in my garden soon, and probably go out shopping too.......and that i love most hehe....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy week for me....

i never had the chance to update my blog this week because my hubby and i been painting inside our house, doing some renos too....i've been sewing draperies again, we have this huge glass window in our living room, and i put 1 panel of green curtain in each side of the window and 2 panels of cream color curtain in the center last month, but our mother-in-law came last week and she wants to change it to grayish blue and white sheer, well, i admit, she's correct, the new curtains now is more elegant in color, it goes along with the painting we hang above the fireplace, it really does gives a nice elegant touch in our living room.....

i'm planning to plant for my hanging basket outside before the week will end too, my bana bought me plants for it, its kinda sad, he said all those hanging basket plants are mostly annuals, they will just bloom once a year and then dies when spring is over, so it means we will have to spend a hundred bucks next year or maybe for summer plants again for my hanging baskets.....hayyy, the joy of living in seasonal place like canada hehe....but thats the beauty of it, it means i can change flowers or plants that i want in my hanging baskets every year.....well, talking about plants, my flowers at the front yard starts blooming now, i saw some of my tulips, hyacinth, daffodil that i planted just starts to bloom, my husband's roses are starts growing new leaves too. oh i'm happy atlast our front yard is more colorful right now.....i was so amazed with tulips before now its my first time to see and touch it in person, gosh i tell you its so beautiful, actually alot of beautiful flowers here, even the trees, there's pink, yellow, purple and white blooming here, the streets are so pretty because of those trees, and then there's alot of beautiful and colorful flowers almost every sidewalks and gardens you can see here.....canada is really beautiful during spring and summer i can say, how i wish i can plant all those in the philippines too....well, just my wishful thinking, i know it wont as its super hot there, well, probably some will grow in baguio.....

i've been waiting for our new digital camera, when it arrives i will take pictures of our garden in the front yard so i can show it to you guys . Belated happy easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

april fools day

spring is here, it means nice sunny weather is starting, last week, my husband and i went out, got my sunglasses on and wore my sandals atlast!....oh boy, i really missed wearing sandals, i hate close shoes or running shoes actually, i seldom wear it when i was in pinas, but ofcourse i dont have a choice here or else i will get freeze to death.....

the sun was out almost a month now, raining once in awhile, signs of winter is fading until april 1st, my husband and i was amazed wednesday morning as it was snowing, we thought winter is over, oh what a day, God trick us hehhe.....its april fool's day, winter isnt over yet.....but the snow lasted for several hours and at the end of the day it was melted right away....Thank God! i'm done with the snow, i can wear my sandals again, yepee!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

lazy week

yikes another week had past and i havent updated my blog, just now, well, obviously i was so lazy. Got busy her actually, do some house hold chores, i've been organizing and arranging our room downstairs, it will be our entertainment room....i set up 6 bookcases there, my husband got lots of books and it took me 3 days just to arrange all those in the bookshelf, i'm not done yet, not even half organizing, i still have 300+ cd and video cd's to arrange and not to mention setting up all 3 big cd racks.....i feel like i am a wonderwoman here hehe... and after that sew some curtains, well, we got lots of new curtains like 300 pcs from auction and its quite tall for our window so i need to do some sewing, it just means another job for me....hayyyy, life of a housewife, not that easy, here you have to do everything, no maid to do it for you, well, you cna hire but very expensive, unlike my life back in pinas i have someone to do it for me....ah well, the joy of being married......last week i've been gardening too as its the start of spring season here...when my plants will start blooming i will take pictures so i can share it to you guys.........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a video of my big baby akira

Del this is for you, we train akira to obey some command, hope you can train raven too, and dario? opppssssssss hehehhhee.......

Our big baby rotty, her name is akira, we call her keekee in short of akira, sounds naughty in visayan words, its just that when we think of akira the closest nickname that we came up is keekee, welll hehe....

my husband and i trained her some commands, and she's doing really good, very very obedient dog.

Sharing some videos showing how good she is.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the power of make up

I'm not getting any younger, so i do some magic, by the power of make up. Well every woman loves make up i guess, but when i was in my younger days, i mean in my 20's (not that old anyways hehehe), i dont wear make up, its not that i dont like it but i dont know how to do it, i have a brown skin and everytime i put on some color in my cheek or in my eybrows it seems it doesnt look good on me, well its just because i dont know how and what kind of make up that match on my color.

When i reached my early 30's fine lines are appearing, so i need to put some make up just to hide it, i do admit too that i like wearing make up now, i read alot how to do make up and whats good on me.

Make-up transforms us, it help us, women wears many faces every day it depends on the moods and for every facets of our lives. Make- up makes us glamorous, its an up lifting, no doubt about it, well who doesnt love make up anyways? just a simple make-up will make wonders.

Putting make-up is one way taking care of ourself too, we feel good everytime we see our pretty face in the mirror. Wanted to share few tips, our skin is changing due to age, hormones and climate and activities, so we need to analyze our skin from day-to-day basis.
1. cleansing - no matter how tired you are dont forget to wash your face, get rid of the make-up, the most important to maintain healthy skin.
2. exfoliates skin. Exfoliation helps the skin looks fresh as it refines the surface and restores natural radiance of the skin. Twice a week is good.
3. apply moisturizers in the skin as it locks water to the skin, temporarily hides the fine lines due to moisture, and it smoothen and soften the appearance of the skin. I love moisturizer, cant live without it, it seems it helps me get rid of the fine lines.
4. apply sunscreen or sunblock, there are moisturizers, make-ups that has spf, to protect from harmful sun, sun can damage skin cells, it causes wrinkles. Sunscreen is a must to make healthy and radiance looking.
5. drink lots of water, vitamins evryday especialy vit. c and ofcourse exercise and diet.

One thing too, dont forget to clean your brushes and sponges thoroughly, wash it like after use or if not atleast once a week, replace sponges too if you see and feel that its dirty, you cant achieve what you want to see in your face if your tools are dirty and besides blemishes build up if its not clean.

oh the most important to make your skin young, healthy and radiance looking - happy life, is the best beauty treatment of all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my 50 bucks auctoned stuff

All for those boxes are just 50 bucks, and its all brand new and still on the package. OUt of those boxes i got 6 boxes of different kinds of bbq tools set including 8 pcs bbq stainless ones with aluminum cases, 24 big beach umbrellas, 12 really nice stylish beach umbrellas or for patio too, 4 umbrella holders, 5 very nice arch trellises, 8 electric rotesserie, tons of brushes for bbq grills, 3 boxes (6 pcs per box) bbq cleaner and a big box of all beach toys for kids. Crazy huh? my husband and i dont know where to put all those stuff, its too much for us so i post some in and craigslist hoping to earn abit money in return, and some we gave it to our friends and neighbors as a gift and ofcourse half of it will be send in the philippines for my family. Imagine how much we saved out of all those stuff, i guess if we buy it at department stores it will cost us thousands of dollars. If you have patience and endurance for bargaining, you can find a good stuff and might earn abit money through auctioning. One way to bargain and its really a good deal, isnt it?