Monday, April 20, 2009

our chocolate faced love bird

a new member of our family, a chocolate faced love bird. His/her name is moby. We are hoping that its a male, so jojo will have a mate. We bought him/her for jojo's partner actually so she wont be lonely. He is so chirpy, very loud and has different tone of chirps than jojo though, it seems he is interested in jojo, well, i hope. For now we separate them in cage, we bought the same cage like jojo and put the cage side by side so they see each other. According to the love bird breeders, they tend to kill each other so it needs to introduce them slowly. Its been 2 weeks now since we got him, we tried to free them from thier cage and let them fly and go near each other, but jojo is still distant from moby though, well, its too early still, we will do it often so they will get along together then.....we love to see them in one cage and hoping they mate soon.....we love to see jojo to have a partner in that big cage so she's not lonely....hope it will be soon......


Gina said...

Dina amo silingan ba ila birds kay sige panganak..cute raba kaayo..mangutana ko unsa to na klase na bird. murag love birds yata. magbuhi sad ko dire pohon . mis yah din.
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