Thursday, August 28, 2008

Together with my hubby atlast!

My visa just granted, i will be with my husband in Canada very very soon.......we've been waiting and praying for this, and now finally come true, my life will be whole again, i'll be home with my husband atlast, yey! God is always good to us......

i admit, i will really miss my life here, i'm use to running my small business here, my merchandise store and internet cafe....not just that, leaving my family too, and especially my baby raven (my shipoo dog), i feel so empty even though i have everything here....i feel hollow inside being aways from my husband....oh dear God thank you so much, we will be together as husband and wife atlast!.....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Creative Blogger Award

Thank you cuz for this award, I am a creative blogger now.. Wow!! love you muahh muahh......

It has been done according to the following rules:

1. The winner may put the logo on her blog.

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3. Nominate 5 blogs.

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5. Leave a message for your nominees.Now I am passing this beautiful Blogger Award to;

1. Delia

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5. Pearl

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one country...divided filipino....

Its so sad to know what is happening in our country today. Just recently the MILF led by Commander Bravo and Umbra Kato, who are the culprit of the new bombings in North Cotabaot,Lanao del Norte, and Sarangani that killed 38 innocent people. Their anger triggered by the suspension of controversial signing of proposed "ancestral domain" GRP-MILF MOA. Commander Bravo said that they are ready for an all out war against the government, his followers are ready to die just to kill people, a reminder to the government that they will do more violence if they wont sign the peace agreement as soon as possible.

They are really evil, for them, killing for the cause of their beliefs is holy. Just yesterday, we received a message that generated through text, that the MILF will blow one of the school here in Digos, of course as a result, almost all school has no class as almost all students in all schools here went home because of fear.

I just read an article written by FVR entitled One Dream, One world, One which he explained on what is really happening today. He discussed the past peace agreement between the government and MILF too. Check it out, a very well said related article by FVR.

As of today, government offers 10 M for the head of 2 MILF leaders. Check out a detailed story from a 16 year old girl who gone through the bombing in Lanao del Norte.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

A bedtime story for kids by Terry W.

Originally wrote by my husband for our future here it is.....

A long long time ago, there was a big big tree in eastern Canada, biggest tree in the world, it was a pine tree, it was in present day province of New Brunswick near town of Fredericton, which took its name from that tree , who's name was Fred.

Fred was very good for town as his size brought many tourists but Fred didn't like weather as cold and snowy a lot he wanted to be where it was warm and sunshines a lot. He was talking with his friend a beaver one day and told him about his situation . The beaver's name was Phil (short i guess for Phillip maybe ).So Phil the beaver told him he could help, but if Fred wanted to go he would have to run far and fast as town would fetch him back as he brought tourists and money to Fredericton.

So Phil told Fred that he should lift his roots up and using his beaver teeth Phil would chew him loose. So they did that and Fred could wiggle his roots and move around as he was free from the ground.

So Phil told his friend he must leave fast fast or he would be discovered and they would probably cement his roots to the ground. Fred wondered where he would go and how he would get there, Phil said he should cross Canada to Vancouver and ride a boat to a distant land So Fred snick on top of a train one night and laid down and he rode the train hiding during day and stretching out at night all the way across Canada.

He got to Vancouver and he wanted to get on a boat but had no money ( he left his wallet in his other pants maybe, i dont know ? ). He met a nice nice captain of a boat named Irving, and Captain Irving said he could ride on his boat for free if he let the Captain hang a hammock from him once in a while so he could relax. Fred agreed happily, so Fred sailed to a far distand land and as the boat could not come into the lands harbor ( it was a big boat, and the land was an island with a shallow harbor).

Fred jumped off the boat and floated into shore like a big green surfboard. He saw some very pretty and friendly women who wore grass skirts and coconut husks on their tops.
When he stood up they went WOW ! Fred told them his story and
the chief of the village arrived to discuss it. The Chief said, You may live here but you need a permit, and we need to know your full name for our records. Well, Fred thought on this and replied:
"I cant give real name or else those who look for me might come find me and endager
those who are here " The chief thought on this and said " it is ok, you can use a new name instead, but choose well, as this is the name you shall carry from here forever more "Fred said ok, he thought about it hard and remembered his friends Phil and Irving, he asked the Chief, do i need a middle name ? the Chief said no but he should have a middle initial in case the name was used by others as well. So Fred said " ok here is what i chose" and he then had it wrote on the papers held by the chief.

Fred, under his new name was loved by all , for with his great height he could see where the pirates sailed, where the animals went for hunters, and he shaded little children from the hot hot sun.

So loved was he that his name is said from not only the one island, but all the others of the region he is forever known as,..and as a result , the islands themselves ............. Phil I. Pines

I love you hon, thank you for this wonderful story........muahhhhhhhh!

Friday, August 8, 2008

my cute little shipoo

My cute little raven, a cross breed of shitzu and a poodle. Adorable little dog, indeed a man's best friend. The baby of the family as we dont have kids right now (not yet!) hehe....

She's my companion all the time as my sister is always away. My husband told me that i spoiled her now, well, what can i do, she makes my day brighter even though just looking at her......

She has this certain looks that i alway love, but what i like about her is she loves to be hug, and lick my hands, or my foot, whenever i go, she's always behind me or at my feet resting or under the computer table whenever i'm on my pc. Her little brain is thinking i can say hehe...whenever me or delia (my sister) get dress, she always grab the tip of my pants or dress as she knows we are going out.

She's the superstar whenever we go out as mostly people that we pass by loves to touch and ask about her, sometimes they grab and hug her, well, she's so lovable and cuddly....

hmmm......i guess i need lots of pages just to tell details how gorgeous my little raven is hehe......she's my second favorite subject next to my husband.

My goodness, i can see now, when i leave, i probably gonna cry as i will miss her so terribly......its good that i have a new dog waiting for me in canada. I just wish she will remember me when i see her again after 2 years.

I just love my little raven........i guess she knows!

make my own website

I've been trying to make my own website now for my own little business, my hubby bought me a domain from my goodness is not easy as i thought, lots to purchase still such as web hosting and servers, ssl certificates, site builders and a lot more......yikes i need to read more too!.......i just dont know how to start my webpage, dont know of a good and reliable web hosting and servers too.....trying to build a website from the scratch........ hmmmmm anybody wanna share ideas? i will highly appreciate it.

God bless!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vigan '07

Vigan is located in Ilocos Sur, at the Northern part of Luzon. It was established in 16th century where it is a famous historical place that still evoke the appearance and atmosphere of the spanish era. It is one of the world heritage site declared by the UNESCO as the living museum of spanish colony.

I've been there twice, first time is with my husband and the second time around is with my twin sister. If you are fond of colonial past or a history seeker, then vigan is the perfect place to go. Mostly the buildings there are ancient, built by the spaniards and chinese traders during the spanish era (16th century). The streets and building are mostly built with cobblestones but now, some of the buildings were renovated. During my first trip with my husband, we stayed at Villa Angela mansion, a hundred thirty years old house in which it was the house of the governador cillo before. It is one of the museum too where mostly things there are preserved, a relics from the past. Tom Cruise stayed there for a night when he shoot some part of the scene of Born on the Fourth of July film in 1989.

Calesa a horse drawn carriages is still present there as a means of transportation going around the city. Shopping there is not a problem because lots of antique shops where you can mostly buy native products of vigan. Staying in hotels is one way of experiencing living from the past, in which mostly are ancient houses. And aside from that, hotels are not that expensive, mostly affordable and reasonable price. Lots of restaurants there to choose too, that offers a native menu of Vigan and also caters menu for foreigners as well. The price is worth it, its not that expensive compares to Manila and Baguio.

Vigan is a perfect getaway, even though a tiring long trip (7hrs.) from manila to vigan via partas or dominion bus, but its worth it. It is a hidden paradise that evoked memories of the past. When you are there, lots of destinations to go with, such as the mestizo district offers a glimpse of colonial past of the philppines. The St.Paul's Cathedral was built by the Augustinians around 17th century along with the Plaza Salcedo west side of the cathedral. The Augustinian church where you can climb up at the belfry to see the view of the town. Aside from ancient buildings, you can visit the baluarte in which it is Governor Singson's fortress that features a mini zoo with exotic animals. Visit vigan's pagburnayan too, where they make a hand molded pottery. After a long day of site seeing, stop by at the Hidden Garden where you can relax looking at the beautiful gardens there.

Well, i think i said it all. Have fun traveling then!

Friday, August 1, 2008

its never too late!

Lately, i've been learning baking cakes from my twin sister, well, i really have to as she's busy in her teaching career in davao, so i have to do it myself for our sari sari store.....but i had fun, its my passion too, baking cakes and putting icing on it is like an art, you have to create and design your own cake, so its fun, lots of thinking though hehehhehe.....well, being creative is one i've learned....i like it, its fun doing it..........Thank you sis! muahhhhhhhh xoxoxo.......


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