Friday, August 8, 2008

my cute little shipoo

My cute little raven, a cross breed of shitzu and a poodle. Adorable little dog, indeed a man's best friend. The baby of the family as we dont have kids right now (not yet!) hehe....

She's my companion all the time as my sister is always away. My husband told me that i spoiled her now, well, what can i do, she makes my day brighter even though just looking at her......

She has this certain looks that i alway love, but what i like about her is she loves to be hug, and lick my hands, or my foot, whenever i go, she's always behind me or at my feet resting or under the computer table whenever i'm on my pc. Her little brain is thinking i can say hehe...whenever me or delia (my sister) get dress, she always grab the tip of my pants or dress as she knows we are going out.

She's the superstar whenever we go out as mostly people that we pass by loves to touch and ask about her, sometimes they grab and hug her, well, she's so lovable and cuddly....

hmmm......i guess i need lots of pages just to tell details how gorgeous my little raven is hehe......she's my second favorite subject next to my husband.

My goodness, i can see now, when i leave, i probably gonna cry as i will miss her so terribly......its good that i have a new dog waiting for me in canada. I just wish she will remember me when i see her again after 2 years.

I just love my little raven........i guess she knows!