Tuesday, April 28, 2009

swine flu

i guess everyone knows about it, really scary. As of today 3 persons from british columbia, canada confirmed to have a swine flu, latest one is a lady from victoria, she got it after she went to cancun mexico a week ago.

as i am listening the news this morning, it does bother me knowing there are some people still going to mexico, yesterday 2 ladies took the early flight to cancun for vacationing, according to them its been planned and booked already and they said they will make sure they will do extra care of themselves...yeah right! honestly i dont care if they die or not as long as they wont get it and wont spread it here.....health is too precious, or i should say life itself.... but then if it isnt for them so be it.....and that should include in 1000 ways to die (i remember the tv series from spike tv).....the world health organization raises the the pandemic flu threat level to 5 now, as 5 is the second highest threat level, so it means this is serious and scary. Prevention is best than cure, this virus spreads to humans through sneezing and coughing and touching materials that has virus on it, what should we do to protect ourselves? stay out from the public, dont go to mexico for sure, grrrrr.....wash hands with soap and water frequently, use alcohol base hand sanitizer after being out in the public.....i hope if anyone is experiencing a flu-like symptoms such as fever, body aches, coughing and sneezing, pls dont go to work, avoid public area and importantly go see the doctor immediately......God bless us, i hope and pray that it will be over soon.

Monday, April 27, 2009

tulips, hanging baskets flowers and flower containers

My hanging basket flowers, i just planted it so the flowers are not hang
and lushy yet, needs time to grow still.

Planted some beautiful variety of flowers in every flower containers, it
adds more beauty and colorful if its not just 1 type of flower in it.

My cut flower tulip, one of my favorite flowers, thank God i finally had the chance to
smell and touch it in person.

I planted a lot of tulips at the front yard, its all blooming now, look at them isn't it

Before, i'm not really into gardening, i love flowers but i dont really like going out in the sun and do some gardening, but just recently, my husband influenced me a lot, well, if you just see all the beautiful flowers here you'll do and love gardening then for sure. Oh i just wish all the flowers i have here will grow in the philippines too.....specially tulips...hmmm....well, just another wishful thinking....

Saturday, April 25, 2009

nice elegant curtains

cream color, there's white and gold too

showing some curtains we got, still alot more designs and colors

showing some set of curtain panels with white sheer in our living room

i wanted to post some pictures that we auctionsed last month but i always forget about it. As i said before my husband and i loves going to auction as we can bargain for sure, if we need something for the house like things that is not in need right away like curtains or chairs or sets for gardening, we always look for auctions. Able auctions is one big auctioneer or liquidator company that we always go to, they usually handles office, industrial machineries, and police stuff and many more.

Its just that sometimes its too much though, i mean not with the price but the quantity you will get. You wouldnt belive it, since we need a new curtains for the house, so we went auctioning last month, for the price of $300 we auctioned 300+ panels of brand new curtains, still in wrapped and are all very nice and elegant draperies, we saw the price in one of the curtains thats still in the package the original price was $31.00 each panel, amazing isnt it? We plan to send like a hundred in the philippines for my family, we kept like 60 for us and we will sell the remainings, we will have a garage sale maybe next month and i posted too at ebay canada. Well, if anyone is interested just contact me hehe....we got many more not just curtains, but bbq sets too, its all brand new, you can check some posting at craigslist canada and ebay. We dont need alot, so why not making money out of it then, in a way i can help others, its all brand new and the price is cheaper than in the malls or stores.....hmmm now i'm selling here hehehe.....

Monday, April 20, 2009

our chocolate faced love bird

a new member of our family, a chocolate faced love bird. His/her name is moby. We are hoping that its a male, so jojo will have a mate. We bought him/her for jojo's partner actually so she wont be lonely. He is so chirpy, very loud and has different tone of chirps than jojo though, it seems he is interested in jojo, well, i hope. For now we separate them in cage, we bought the same cage like jojo and put the cage side by side so they see each other. According to the love bird breeders, they tend to kill each other so it needs to introduce them slowly. Its been 2 weeks now since we got him, we tried to free them from thier cage and let them fly and go near each other, but jojo is still distant from moby though, well, its too early still, we will do it often so they will get along together then.....we love to see them in one cage and hoping they mate soon.....we love to see jojo to have a partner in that big cage so she's not lonely....hope it will be soon......

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

got a bit of colds at spring time

my husband and i been working inside our house, we've been renovating for a week until tuesday, and after that i got colds, its perfectly sunny outside good to do some gardening or maybe going out for a walk but i was in my bed for whole day as i got sick grrrrrrr........probably i was abit over worked, fatigue maybe, hmmmm......but i'm feeling better right now, i will probably go outside weeding in my garden soon, and probably go out shopping too.......and that i love most hehe....

Thursday, April 9, 2009

busy week for me....

i never had the chance to update my blog this week because my hubby and i been painting inside our house, doing some renos too....i've been sewing draperies again, we have this huge glass window in our living room, and i put 1 panel of green curtain in each side of the window and 2 panels of cream color curtain in the center last month, but our mother-in-law came last week and she wants to change it to grayish blue and white sheer, well, i admit, she's correct, the new curtains now is more elegant in color, it goes along with the painting we hang above the fireplace, it really does gives a nice elegant touch in our living room.....

i'm planning to plant for my hanging basket outside before the week will end too, my bana bought me plants for it, its kinda sad, he said all those hanging basket plants are mostly annuals, they will just bloom once a year and then dies when spring is over, so it means we will have to spend a hundred bucks next year or maybe for summer plants again for my hanging baskets.....hayyy, the joy of living in seasonal place like canada hehe....but thats the beauty of it, it means i can change flowers or plants that i want in my hanging baskets every year.....well, talking about plants, my flowers at the front yard starts blooming now, i saw some of my tulips, hyacinth, daffodil that i planted just starts to bloom, my husband's roses are starts growing new leaves too. oh i'm happy atlast our front yard is more colorful right now.....i was so amazed with tulips before now its my first time to see and touch it in person, gosh i tell you its so beautiful, actually alot of beautiful flowers here, even the trees, there's pink, yellow, purple and white blooming here, the streets are so pretty because of those trees, and then there's alot of beautiful and colorful flowers almost every sidewalks and gardens you can see here.....canada is really beautiful during spring and summer i can say, how i wish i can plant all those in the philippines too....well, just my wishful thinking, i know it wont as its super hot there, well, probably some will grow in baguio.....

i've been waiting for our new digital camera, when it arrives i will take pictures of our garden in the front yard so i can show it to you guys . Belated happy easter!

Friday, April 3, 2009

april fools day

spring is here, it means nice sunny weather is starting, last week, my husband and i went out, got my sunglasses on and wore my sandals atlast!....oh boy, i really missed wearing sandals, i hate close shoes or running shoes actually, i seldom wear it when i was in pinas, but ofcourse i dont have a choice here or else i will get freeze to death.....

the sun was out almost a month now, raining once in awhile, signs of winter is fading until april 1st, my husband and i was amazed wednesday morning as it was snowing, we thought winter is over, oh what a day, God trick us hehhe.....its april fool's day, winter isnt over yet.....but the snow lasted for several hours and at the end of the day it was melted right away....Thank God! i'm done with the snow, i can wear my sandals again, yepee!