Sunday, March 22, 2009

lazy week

yikes another week had past and i havent updated my blog, just now, well, obviously i was so lazy. Got busy her actually, do some house hold chores, i've been organizing and arranging our room downstairs, it will be our entertainment room....i set up 6 bookcases there, my husband got lots of books and it took me 3 days just to arrange all those in the bookshelf, i'm not done yet, not even half organizing, i still have 300+ cd and video cd's to arrange and not to mention setting up all 3 big cd racks.....i feel like i am a wonderwoman here hehe... and after that sew some curtains, well, we got lots of new curtains like 300 pcs from auction and its quite tall for our window so i need to do some sewing, it just means another job for me....hayyyy, life of a housewife, not that easy, here you have to do everything, no maid to do it for you, well, you cna hire but very expensive, unlike my life back in pinas i have someone to do it for me....ah well, the joy of being married......last week i've been gardening too as its the start of spring season here...when my plants will start blooming i will take pictures so i can share it to you guys.........

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

a video of my big baby akira

Del this is for you, we train akira to obey some command, hope you can train raven too, and dario? opppssssssss hehehhhee.......

Our big baby rotty, her name is akira, we call her keekee in short of akira, sounds naughty in visayan words, its just that when we think of akira the closest nickname that we came up is keekee, welll hehe....

my husband and i trained her some commands, and she's doing really good, very very obedient dog.

Sharing some videos showing how good she is.....

Sunday, March 15, 2009

the power of make up

I'm not getting any younger, so i do some magic, by the power of make up. Well every woman loves make up i guess, but when i was in my younger days, i mean in my 20's (not that old anyways hehehe), i dont wear make up, its not that i dont like it but i dont know how to do it, i have a brown skin and everytime i put on some color in my cheek or in my eybrows it seems it doesnt look good on me, well its just because i dont know how and what kind of make up that match on my color.

When i reached my early 30's fine lines are appearing, so i need to put some make up just to hide it, i do admit too that i like wearing make up now, i read alot how to do make up and whats good on me.

Make-up transforms us, it help us, women wears many faces every day it depends on the moods and for every facets of our lives. Make- up makes us glamorous, its an up lifting, no doubt about it, well who doesnt love make up anyways? just a simple make-up will make wonders.

Putting make-up is one way taking care of ourself too, we feel good everytime we see our pretty face in the mirror. Wanted to share few tips, our skin is changing due to age, hormones and climate and activities, so we need to analyze our skin from day-to-day basis.
1. cleansing - no matter how tired you are dont forget to wash your face, get rid of the make-up, the most important to maintain healthy skin.
2. exfoliates skin. Exfoliation helps the skin looks fresh as it refines the surface and restores natural radiance of the skin. Twice a week is good.
3. apply moisturizers in the skin as it locks water to the skin, temporarily hides the fine lines due to moisture, and it smoothen and soften the appearance of the skin. I love moisturizer, cant live without it, it seems it helps me get rid of the fine lines.
4. apply sunscreen or sunblock, there are moisturizers, make-ups that has spf, to protect from harmful sun, sun can damage skin cells, it causes wrinkles. Sunscreen is a must to make healthy and radiance looking.
5. drink lots of water, vitamins evryday especialy vit. c and ofcourse exercise and diet.

One thing too, dont forget to clean your brushes and sponges thoroughly, wash it like after use or if not atleast once a week, replace sponges too if you see and feel that its dirty, you cant achieve what you want to see in your face if your tools are dirty and besides blemishes build up if its not clean.

oh the most important to make your skin young, healthy and radiance looking - happy life, is the best beauty treatment of all.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

my 50 bucks auctoned stuff

All for those boxes are just 50 bucks, and its all brand new and still on the package. OUt of those boxes i got 6 boxes of different kinds of bbq tools set including 8 pcs bbq stainless ones with aluminum cases, 24 big beach umbrellas, 12 really nice stylish beach umbrellas or for patio too, 4 umbrella holders, 5 very nice arch trellises, 8 electric rotesserie, tons of brushes for bbq grills, 3 boxes (6 pcs per box) bbq cleaner and a big box of all beach toys for kids. Crazy huh? my husband and i dont know where to put all those stuff, its too much for us so i post some in and craigslist hoping to earn abit money in return, and some we gave it to our friends and neighbors as a gift and ofcourse half of it will be send in the philippines for my family. Imagine how much we saved out of all those stuff, i guess if we buy it at department stores it will cost us thousands of dollars. If you have patience and endurance for bargaining, you can find a good stuff and might earn abit money through auctioning. One way to bargain and its really a good deal, isnt it?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips for bargain hunting

Bargaining is a good way to cope with the crisis that we are facing today, we dont necessarily cut things we like' i mean like clothings, shoes or things that we love to collect, except foods though. BUT one way to bargain is to cut or stop buying designers clothes or things that are branded. You can can still buy branded one, just try to look online like craigslist or ebay, the price is cheaper than the displayed one in the mall, there are alot second hand htere too which are alot cheaper ofcourse.

There are some stores too that offered very cheap in price such as Dollarama, they sell everything you can see in the store for just a dollar and not more than that. Another one is the Dollar store, you can find things that are valuable too for just a buck. Aside from that, to add in the list is the xs cargo, you can find branded products for a discount prices there.

You can bargain alot if you buy second hand, you can find alot of products that are still usable and in good condition, such as in value village, liquidation world, salvation army, thrift stores in which you can help too as mostly the proceeds will go to charities.

Auctioning is one great way to bargain too. There's alot online auctioning, but my husband and i loves to go to auction site where we can bargain much more than online.

So i guess thats it for now. Happy bargaining!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Live life to the youngest- a motto from real age

Most emails i recieved everyday are from real age, the topics are all about wellness, being healthy and aware in everything we do. I wanna share it to you guys.....

Today i read about a brew that might prevent parkinsons, according to the study, those poeple who drank most black tea are less likely to develop parkinsons disease compared to least black tea drinkers. According to the researchers that black tea affects estrogen levels in a favorable anti-parkinsons way. And aside from preventing parkinsons, no matter if its black or less, tea is good for healthier heart as brewed tea is full of cardioprotective polyphenols. Drinking tea may cut the risk of ovarian cancer, so it really does good for women. And for men, black tea drinkers are more recovered quickly from stressfull event.

For me, tea works good when i have asthma attack, it has anti allergens component that helps calming wheezing and shortness of breath.

I'm thankful with the real age, i do follow some advices, it really works for me. I'm not getting any younger so i have to really watch myself, my health and my intake. I love tea and i'm glad
to know all about this. Thanks real age, it helps me alot.