Monday, March 2, 2009

Tips for bargain hunting

Bargaining is a good way to cope with the crisis that we are facing today, we dont necessarily cut things we like' i mean like clothings, shoes or things that we love to collect, except foods though. BUT one way to bargain is to cut or stop buying designers clothes or things that are branded. You can can still buy branded one, just try to look online like craigslist or ebay, the price is cheaper than the displayed one in the mall, there are alot second hand htere too which are alot cheaper ofcourse.

There are some stores too that offered very cheap in price such as Dollarama, they sell everything you can see in the store for just a dollar and not more than that. Another one is the Dollar store, you can find things that are valuable too for just a buck. Aside from that, to add in the list is the xs cargo, you can find branded products for a discount prices there.

You can bargain alot if you buy second hand, you can find alot of products that are still usable and in good condition, such as in value village, liquidation world, salvation army, thrift stores in which you can help too as mostly the proceeds will go to charities.

Auctioning is one great way to bargain too. There's alot online auctioning, but my husband and i loves to go to auction site where we can bargain much more than online.

So i guess thats it for now. Happy bargaining!