Sunday, March 22, 2009

lazy week

yikes another week had past and i havent updated my blog, just now, well, obviously i was so lazy. Got busy her actually, do some house hold chores, i've been organizing and arranging our room downstairs, it will be our entertainment room....i set up 6 bookcases there, my husband got lots of books and it took me 3 days just to arrange all those in the bookshelf, i'm not done yet, not even half organizing, i still have 300+ cd and video cd's to arrange and not to mention setting up all 3 big cd racks.....i feel like i am a wonderwoman here hehe... and after that sew some curtains, well, we got lots of new curtains like 300 pcs from auction and its quite tall for our window so i need to do some sewing, it just means another job for me....hayyyy, life of a housewife, not that easy, here you have to do everything, no maid to do it for you, well, you cna hire but very expensive, unlike my life back in pinas i have someone to do it for me....ah well, the joy of being married......last week i've been gardening too as its the start of spring season here...when my plants will start blooming i will take pictures so i can share it to you guys.........