Wednesday, May 20, 2009

went fishing at horshoe bay

One of the million dollar houses at sea side.

My catch, but i set it free as its small.

My first fishing experience

My brother-in-law

been busy these days again, did some painting at the kitchen walls and the cabinets, i'm just glad that i had the chance to go out and enjoy the day last sunday with my future brother-in-law, we went fishing at horshoe bay together with his couple of friends who owned the boat. I wished my hubby went with us but the boat is not that big, for me i guess its enough for just 4 people, ah well, next time, we can rent a boat there. Anyway, it was a great day, it was sunny and the water was calm, oh it was just so perfect, alot went out and wore their perfect swimsuit or two piece and went sun bathing, but for me, oh i wore my jacket and hat as i dont want to get darker hehehe......i wanted to take out my umbrella though but its just so awkward hehe.....i enjoyed the panoramic view where you can see the natural beauty of BC, well, not all though but you can see nice green mountains, some has still snow at the top and the sea side where still lots of trees, i saw seals swimming along the boat and at the shoreline catching fish, 3 eagles circling around where we fish, alot of ducks too and a blue heron. what amazed me was the million dollar houses that was built at the ses side, there's one island where there's a very nice and big house built in there, boat is just the only means of transportation, i saw a panel of solars in which a source for electric in that house and at the other side theres a helipad for helicopters, probably owned by a multi-million businessman or a CEO for sure....hmmm.....

I never tried fishing before, i thought the fishing rod was heavy but it was so light, tried casting the fishing rod and do some jigging for half a day, lucky enough that i catched 2 fish but it was all small though so we need to take the fish back to the water......actually all of us catched fish but we all free them all as its not the right size for certain fish. But we enjoyed alot even though we never had a good size of fish after a long day of fishing. I can say i like fishing right now, i would love to go back again even if not for fishing but just enjoying the day and do nature tripping.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's day!

In celebration of this special day, the miracle of motherhood, i would like to share this beuatiful flowers fresh from my garden to all the mother's in the world. Ma this is for you, i may not be there physically to celebrate with you on this special day but in my heart and my spirit is always there with you and to papa and the rest of the family. Me and Terry wish you a Happy mother's day! We love you!

It's terrible week for me as I missed my family so bad, and then here comes mother’s day, which adds up the pain I felt, as we usually celebrate that special occasion, I remember we usually bought flowers for mama and then we always have a small lunch or dinner party for family. I tried to occupy my mind, been busy painting the cabinets in our kitchen and gardening this week but I’ve been crying while doing all those stuff. It’s painful when you are away from your family, a lot to give up, I don’t know if I still have the chance to celebrate mother’s day and every special occasion with my family again. For us Filipinos, we are so close with our family, even if we don’t have enough money or the convenience we got here in north America, we are happy as long as the family are intact, we love to share what we got, small or big or whatever it is, it seems we are contented on what we got, as long as the family are together and that what make us happy. But I chose this life, I have to get use to it, being away from the family, I will have to cherish every moment that I will have to spend with my family then when I come visit them in the Philippines soon.

Sunday, May 3, 2009


Its good to get in touch with your friend, especially the one that you never talk for awhile. Just had a word from a friend in toronto, she and her husband are planning to move here in BC.

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Relocating is exciting, it should be fun and hassle free. You wont be wrong in choosing this company.

Friday, May 1, 2009

zap away blemishes....

wow, time past by so fast, i've been here for almost 8 months now, it seems it was just yesterday i packed my things with a mixed emotions that i left my family behind and at the same time was happy as my husband and i together atlast.

I remember before i left, i prepared myself not just emotionally but physically as well, i went to a skin care clinic in davao and had a facial scrub just to rejuvenate my skin so i looked healthier and younger. Well, when you are so much inlove, your happy hormone is high (serotonin), it makes you feel young, your face is radiantly glowing, and the eyes are sparkling hehhe...sounds oa na but i'm sure alot of people will agree on me.......

When i reached 2nd month here and got pregnant, skin blemishes showing, pimples burst out and my skin is dryer, even my hair got split ends. The doctor told me that it was a part of my pregnancy and because of the cold weather here too as it brings low temperature and low humidity. The next month i had a miscarriage. Months past even if i'm not pregnant anymore i still have blemishes and pimples in my face down to my bosom, that usually leaves a lot of scars in my face until now, i bought alot of beauty regimen especially for pimples but never really helps. Now, i'm thinking of going to a laser and skin care clinic, been thinking and reading about it for awhile, one clinic in particular, and thrilled of the services they are giving you, the Scottsdale laser and skin care clinic provides advanced treatments for a healthy and youthful body. They offer acne treament and a lot more using the latest equipment in which ensures the safest procedures to accomplish the best quality results, most of all they have a very good stuff too. I know some procedures are not that relaxing, its painful and uncomfortable, but with the help of a friendly and caring stuff, it does helps alot and ofcourse its a big factor if the clinic is clean too.

thats what i want. I probably go for anti-aging laser too, well, i'm not young anymore, taking care of myself physically is just being healthy.