Friday, December 26, 2008

My first snowfall...

Before i came here, i wished to have a white christmas, feel the snowfall in my head and play in the snow, indeed, got all what i wished for my first christmas. I woke up last monday and found out it was snowing for the first time, oh i was so delighted, i got out from the house and took a lot of pictures and my husband took a video of me playing in the snow,.oh i had fun. Then second day was still snowing and same on the third day, my gosh its just too much, almost a week its been snowing now, more and more snow falling and filing up on the ground, and so we cant get out as its dangerous. Now, in 5 days the snow is about 60 cm. in depth, i've seen several cars stuck up here, even my husband cant drive his pick up truck as we need to shovel as its burried under the snow. My husband said he never seen like this in BC before, they just had 2 or 3 days of snow and never as bad as this, well, according to the news we had a snow storm this time. Hmmmm.....signs of global warming perhaps?

Sure, Its nice to see the snow, its pure white and when you feel it, its soft like a cotton, and the sky is bright during the night too due to the reflection of the snow. But if its as bad as this, i surely want to take back my wishes then, its not fun anymore, you cant get out as its too dangerous, its just so impossible to drive on the road, so it means you cant get out, and my gosh, its super cold too. My husband teased me, that i shouldn't wish for it, i should have wished to win a lottery then. Too bad for my first christmas here in canada.

Hmmm be careful what you wish for, you might suffer for it....

Hope you had a Merry White Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Honey, i'm hungry, lets go to Costco"

Costco is a wholesale warehouse here in canada that mostly offers alittle bit lower in price compared to some big grocery stores, well, you usually bargain if you buy in bulk, thats what costco is offering. But what i like about when i go there is that i wont certainly be hungry, as they offer tasting of some new variety of foods such as crackers with new dippings on it, or chocolates, or cheezes and some juices too and many more, every corner has this tasting booth or table, you just grab one and taste, when you pass all those corners, oh you will be full as so many that you can taste, well, its a big store, i'm sure you wont be hungry when you get home. So when we are low with our groceries, i will just say to my husband, "honey, i'm hungry, lets go to costco".

Happy shopping!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas from Akira, the rottweiler dog

This is Akira, a female rottweiler dog, wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance. She loves to play alot especially with my husband. She weighs about 75-80 lbs and she's just a year and a half old, still a puppy, if anyone will break in in our house, she will beat the man in seconds for sure. Rottweilers are very protective with the owner, intelligent and very strong, a type of dog that you dont wanna mess with, they are a good guard dog. Akira barks when anyone near the house as she thinks its a threat, but we usually say " its ok akira" and she will listen and calm down then.
One day she saw me very upset, she looked at my eyes and probably she's wondering why i look different hehe....and she tried to grab my hand by her mouth, and brought me her favorite toy as she wanted to cheer me up. She's very loving and kind, i have several decorations around the house like small breakable things at the center table, plants inside the house and etc., but she never destroyed any of my decorations, even papers lying on the floor, and i'm proud to say she's well trained to do her thing outside the house. One thing i cant stand with the rotties though, is farting, gosh akira and her mother and brother farts and produce a very rancid odor, i have a shipoo dog back in the philippines but never smelled farts as bad as akira and the rest rotties, its just unbearable...but they are adorable, and a good guard dog, thats what really matters.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating my X-mas tree

Time to move on, christmas is approaching, its time to thank God for all the blessings we got all through these years.

Before i came here in canada, my bana (hubby) bought lots of christmas ornaments, he wants our first christmas together be a special one and to torture me, i can say, in putting all those decorations. Before i saw all the ornaments, my husband and i agreed that he will be the one to set up the christmas tree and the lights for outside and i will be the one to decorate the tree and decorating inside the house. Oh i was amazed when he showed me all 4 big boxes of christmas ornaments, it seems we will decorating a big big christmas tree in the mall hehe...

I can say i had fun decorating our tree, in 2 days, i finished setting up all those christmas ornaments and figured out where to put some christmas emblems, like santa and angels and etc. in most likely all parts of the house but i didnt put all those decorations though, just 80%, its too overwhelming inside the house.
Posted some pictures of our living room, to show how it looks like.......hope you like it!