Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Honey, i'm hungry, lets go to Costco"

Costco is a wholesale warehouse here in canada that mostly offers alittle bit lower in price compared to some big grocery stores, well, you usually bargain if you buy in bulk, thats what costco is offering. But what i like about when i go there is that i wont certainly be hungry, as they offer tasting of some new variety of foods such as crackers with new dippings on it, or chocolates, or cheezes and some juices too and many more, every corner has this tasting booth or table, you just grab one and taste, when you pass all those corners, oh you will be full as so many that you can taste, well, its a big store, i'm sure you wont be hungry when you get home. So when we are low with our groceries, i will just say to my husband, "honey, i'm hungry, lets go to costco".

Happy shopping!