Saturday, December 6, 2008

Decorating my X-mas tree

Time to move on, christmas is approaching, its time to thank God for all the blessings we got all through these years.

Before i came here in canada, my bana (hubby) bought lots of christmas ornaments, he wants our first christmas together be a special one and to torture me, i can say, in putting all those decorations. Before i saw all the ornaments, my husband and i agreed that he will be the one to set up the christmas tree and the lights for outside and i will be the one to decorate the tree and decorating inside the house. Oh i was amazed when he showed me all 4 big boxes of christmas ornaments, it seems we will decorating a big big christmas tree in the mall hehe...

I can say i had fun decorating our tree, in 2 days, i finished setting up all those christmas ornaments and figured out where to put some christmas emblems, like santa and angels and etc. in most likely all parts of the house but i didnt put all those decorations though, just 80%, its too overwhelming inside the house.
Posted some pictures of our living room, to show how it looks like.......hope you like it!


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