Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Merry Christmas from Akira, the rottweiler dog

This is Akira, a female rottweiler dog, wishing you a Merry Christmas in advance. She loves to play alot especially with my husband. She weighs about 75-80 lbs and she's just a year and a half old, still a puppy, if anyone will break in in our house, she will beat the man in seconds for sure. Rottweilers are very protective with the owner, intelligent and very strong, a type of dog that you dont wanna mess with, they are a good guard dog. Akira barks when anyone near the house as she thinks its a threat, but we usually say " its ok akira" and she will listen and calm down then.
One day she saw me very upset, she looked at my eyes and probably she's wondering why i look different hehe....and she tried to grab my hand by her mouth, and brought me her favorite toy as she wanted to cheer me up. She's very loving and kind, i have several decorations around the house like small breakable things at the center table, plants inside the house and etc., but she never destroyed any of my decorations, even papers lying on the floor, and i'm proud to say she's well trained to do her thing outside the house. One thing i cant stand with the rotties though, is farting, gosh akira and her mother and brother farts and produce a very rancid odor, i have a shipoo dog back in the philippines but never smelled farts as bad as akira and the rest rotties, its just unbearable...but they are adorable, and a good guard dog, thats what really matters.