Sunday, May 22, 2011

traveling with my son-shine

Just came home from a 2 month vacation in the Philippines with my little son-shine, i can say it was a blast.....but no matter how you carefully planned and prepared your trip, there's always disaster in a way......well, in my case, traveling with my 1 year old son for the first time in the plane ( i think its one of the most feared moments to all mommies and daddies who's traveling with an infant ) down to the philippines. I researched and planned before we fly down the do's and don'ts, what to bring and what not, but no matter how well prepared i am, its still a disaster. He cried for mostly the entire trip, he fall asleep when he was exhausted from crying and then when he woke up he'll cry again, he was like that on and off for 13 hours of our flight, what a way to ruin other passenger's trip huh? For my son, its not because of earache but because he is not used of seeing a lot of people surrounds him, but the big factor was the sound of the engine, it really scared him.......but when we got in manila, as we got the connector flight going to davao, i was so amazed how calm he was, maybe because he was familiar inside the plane and the sound of the engine, it was an hour and a half smooth flight, my little angel was calmly resting in my arms until we landed the davao airport.

I wasn't so afraid for our trip coming home because i was a bit confident that he will behave in the plane. Indeed, he was totally an angel. In our flight going down, he didn't poop at all, i just changed his diaper twice for wet ones at the changing table located at the bulkhead area where i was seated. Our trip back home was not that bad actually, he was smiling all the time, playing his toys when he's awake and the best part was, he was sleeping for like about 8 hours for an 11 hours flight.....oh what a lovely trip, except one thing......again, disaster is on the way....i never expected that he was so afraid of the washroom in the plane as it was so small. This time, he pooped twice, so i had to go to the washroom to changed him, oh he was really screaming when i put him down at the changing table, because he was so afraid, he didnt lay down and i had a hard time wiping his bum, and then he vomited, right at my front top, perfect huh? and when i'm done trying to clean my shirt, he peed on my pants and shoes as i forgot to put on his diaper trying to clean my self....what a perfect trip for mommy.....just so thankful that there was a cologne there.... and when we got out from the washroom, he was smiling and hugging mommy again......i was just smiled, laughing inside actually, no matter how you tried to make your trip smooth and disaster free, there's always unseen things happen....i can say there's no such perfect trip when you got an infant with you travelling......ah well, it doesnt matter, my son enjoyed the flight back home, he was smiling and hugging mommy all the time, thats all that thing i'd learned, bring extra clothes for you and not just onesies for babies, expect that there's always unexpected things to happen when travelling.