Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy mother's day!

In celebration of this special day, the miracle of motherhood, i would like to share this beuatiful flowers fresh from my garden to all the mother's in the world. Ma this is for you, i may not be there physically to celebrate with you on this special day but in my heart and my spirit is always there with you and to papa and the rest of the family. Me and Terry wish you a Happy mother's day! We love you!

It's terrible week for me as I missed my family so bad, and then here comes mother’s day, which adds up the pain I felt, as we usually celebrate that special occasion, I remember we usually bought flowers for mama and then we always have a small lunch or dinner party for family. I tried to occupy my mind, been busy painting the cabinets in our kitchen and gardening this week but I’ve been crying while doing all those stuff. It’s painful when you are away from your family, a lot to give up, I don’t know if I still have the chance to celebrate mother’s day and every special occasion with my family again. For us Filipinos, we are so close with our family, even if we don’t have enough money or the convenience we got here in north America, we are happy as long as the family are intact, we love to share what we got, small or big or whatever it is, it seems we are contented on what we got, as long as the family are together and that what make us happy. But I chose this life, I have to get use to it, being away from the family, I will have to cherish every moment that I will have to spend with my family then when I come visit them in the Philippines soon.