Friday, April 3, 2009

april fools day

spring is here, it means nice sunny weather is starting, last week, my husband and i went out, got my sunglasses on and wore my sandals atlast!....oh boy, i really missed wearing sandals, i hate close shoes or running shoes actually, i seldom wear it when i was in pinas, but ofcourse i dont have a choice here or else i will get freeze to death.....

the sun was out almost a month now, raining once in awhile, signs of winter is fading until april 1st, my husband and i was amazed wednesday morning as it was snowing, we thought winter is over, oh what a day, God trick us hehhe.....its april fool's day, winter isnt over yet.....but the snow lasted for several hours and at the end of the day it was melted right away....Thank God! i'm done with the snow, i can wear my sandals again, yepee!