Saturday, April 25, 2009

nice elegant curtains

cream color, there's white and gold too

showing some curtains we got, still alot more designs and colors

showing some set of curtain panels with white sheer in our living room

i wanted to post some pictures that we auctionsed last month but i always forget about it. As i said before my husband and i loves going to auction as we can bargain for sure, if we need something for the house like things that is not in need right away like curtains or chairs or sets for gardening, we always look for auctions. Able auctions is one big auctioneer or liquidator company that we always go to, they usually handles office, industrial machineries, and police stuff and many more.

Its just that sometimes its too much though, i mean not with the price but the quantity you will get. You wouldnt belive it, since we need a new curtains for the house, so we went auctioning last month, for the price of $300 we auctioned 300+ panels of brand new curtains, still in wrapped and are all very nice and elegant draperies, we saw the price in one of the curtains thats still in the package the original price was $31.00 each panel, amazing isnt it? We plan to send like a hundred in the philippines for my family, we kept like 60 for us and we will sell the remainings, we will have a garage sale maybe next month and i posted too at ebay canada. Well, if anyone is interested just contact me hehe....we got many more not just curtains, but bbq sets too, its all brand new, you can check some posting at craigslist canada and ebay. We dont need alot, so why not making money out of it then, in a way i can help others, its all brand new and the price is cheaper than in the malls or stores.....hmmm now i'm selling here hehehe.....


Gina said...

Din I can tell na wala naka nabored diha my gosh sana duol rata kay palit jod ko curtains. Din tan-awi ko ug kanang green na motiff pareha anang sa picture para pang summer ba.kanang 60x84, upat or 7 kabuok, tapos din ako magbayad sa shipping padulong dire, tapos papalita ko hehe tapos barat man ko sana dili moabot ug $20 kada curtain kay makapalit man ko sa walmart ug tag $16 lang hehe. wa sad koi klaro din no.