Monday, April 27, 2009

tulips, hanging baskets flowers and flower containers

My hanging basket flowers, i just planted it so the flowers are not hang
and lushy yet, needs time to grow still.

Planted some beautiful variety of flowers in every flower containers, it
adds more beauty and colorful if its not just 1 type of flower in it.

My cut flower tulip, one of my favorite flowers, thank God i finally had the chance to
smell and touch it in person.

I planted a lot of tulips at the front yard, its all blooming now, look at them isn't it

Before, i'm not really into gardening, i love flowers but i dont really like going out in the sun and do some gardening, but just recently, my husband influenced me a lot, well, if you just see all the beautiful flowers here you'll do and love gardening then for sure. Oh i just wish all the flowers i have here will grow in the philippines too.....specially tulips...hmmm....well, just another wishful thinking....


BabyTiger said...

nice din, flowers are very nice...