Sunday, March 1, 2009

Live life to the youngest- a motto from real age

Most emails i recieved everyday are from real age, the topics are all about wellness, being healthy and aware in everything we do. I wanna share it to you guys.....

Today i read about a brew that might prevent parkinsons, according to the study, those poeple who drank most black tea are less likely to develop parkinsons disease compared to least black tea drinkers. According to the researchers that black tea affects estrogen levels in a favorable anti-parkinsons way. And aside from preventing parkinsons, no matter if its black or less, tea is good for healthier heart as brewed tea is full of cardioprotective polyphenols. Drinking tea may cut the risk of ovarian cancer, so it really does good for women. And for men, black tea drinkers are more recovered quickly from stressfull event.

For me, tea works good when i have asthma attack, it has anti allergens component that helps calming wheezing and shortness of breath.

I'm thankful with the real age, i do follow some advices, it really works for me. I'm not getting any younger so i have to really watch myself, my health and my intake. I love tea and i'm glad
to know all about this. Thanks real age, it helps me alot.