Thursday, March 5, 2009

my 50 bucks auctoned stuff

All for those boxes are just 50 bucks, and its all brand new and still on the package. OUt of those boxes i got 6 boxes of different kinds of bbq tools set including 8 pcs bbq stainless ones with aluminum cases, 24 big beach umbrellas, 12 really nice stylish beach umbrellas or for patio too, 4 umbrella holders, 5 very nice arch trellises, 8 electric rotesserie, tons of brushes for bbq grills, 3 boxes (6 pcs per box) bbq cleaner and a big box of all beach toys for kids. Crazy huh? my husband and i dont know where to put all those stuff, its too much for us so i post some in and craigslist hoping to earn abit money in return, and some we gave it to our friends and neighbors as a gift and ofcourse half of it will be send in the philippines for my family. Imagine how much we saved out of all those stuff, i guess if we buy it at department stores it will cost us thousands of dollars. If you have patience and endurance for bargaining, you can find a good stuff and might earn abit money through auctioning. One way to bargain and its really a good deal, isnt it?


Gina said...

Wow, Din I'm excited for you. Daghana ana oi.

I LOVE YOU said...


王菲Star said...

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