Sunday, March 15, 2009

the power of make up

I'm not getting any younger, so i do some magic, by the power of make up. Well every woman loves make up i guess, but when i was in my younger days, i mean in my 20's (not that old anyways hehehe), i dont wear make up, its not that i dont like it but i dont know how to do it, i have a brown skin and everytime i put on some color in my cheek or in my eybrows it seems it doesnt look good on me, well its just because i dont know how and what kind of make up that match on my color.

When i reached my early 30's fine lines are appearing, so i need to put some make up just to hide it, i do admit too that i like wearing make up now, i read alot how to do make up and whats good on me.

Make-up transforms us, it help us, women wears many faces every day it depends on the moods and for every facets of our lives. Make- up makes us glamorous, its an up lifting, no doubt about it, well who doesnt love make up anyways? just a simple make-up will make wonders.

Putting make-up is one way taking care of ourself too, we feel good everytime we see our pretty face in the mirror. Wanted to share few tips, our skin is changing due to age, hormones and climate and activities, so we need to analyze our skin from day-to-day basis.
1. cleansing - no matter how tired you are dont forget to wash your face, get rid of the make-up, the most important to maintain healthy skin.
2. exfoliates skin. Exfoliation helps the skin looks fresh as it refines the surface and restores natural radiance of the skin. Twice a week is good.
3. apply moisturizers in the skin as it locks water to the skin, temporarily hides the fine lines due to moisture, and it smoothen and soften the appearance of the skin. I love moisturizer, cant live without it, it seems it helps me get rid of the fine lines.
4. apply sunscreen or sunblock, there are moisturizers, make-ups that has spf, to protect from harmful sun, sun can damage skin cells, it causes wrinkles. Sunscreen is a must to make healthy and radiance looking.
5. drink lots of water, vitamins evryday especialy vit. c and ofcourse exercise and diet.

One thing too, dont forget to clean your brushes and sponges thoroughly, wash it like after use or if not atleast once a week, replace sponges too if you see and feel that its dirty, you cant achieve what you want to see in your face if your tools are dirty and besides blemishes build up if its not clean.

oh the most important to make your skin young, healthy and radiance looking - happy life, is the best beauty treatment of all.