Wednesday, August 20, 2008

one country...divided filipino....

Its so sad to know what is happening in our country today. Just recently the MILF led by Commander Bravo and Umbra Kato, who are the culprit of the new bombings in North Cotabaot,Lanao del Norte, and Sarangani that killed 38 innocent people. Their anger triggered by the suspension of controversial signing of proposed "ancestral domain" GRP-MILF MOA. Commander Bravo said that they are ready for an all out war against the government, his followers are ready to die just to kill people, a reminder to the government that they will do more violence if they wont sign the peace agreement as soon as possible.

They are really evil, for them, killing for the cause of their beliefs is holy. Just yesterday, we received a message that generated through text, that the MILF will blow one of the school here in Digos, of course as a result, almost all school has no class as almost all students in all schools here went home because of fear.

I just read an article written by FVR entitled One Dream, One world, One which he explained on what is really happening today. He discussed the past peace agreement between the government and MILF too. Check it out, a very well said related article by FVR.

As of today, government offers 10 M for the head of 2 MILF leaders. Check out a detailed story from a 16 year old girl who gone through the bombing in Lanao del Norte.