Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Vigan '07

Vigan is located in Ilocos Sur, at the Northern part of Luzon. It was established in 16th century where it is a famous historical place that still evoke the appearance and atmosphere of the spanish era. It is one of the world heritage site declared by the UNESCO as the living museum of spanish colony.

I've been there twice, first time is with my husband and the second time around is with my twin sister. If you are fond of colonial past or a history seeker, then vigan is the perfect place to go. Mostly the buildings there are ancient, built by the spaniards and chinese traders during the spanish era (16th century). The streets and building are mostly built with cobblestones but now, some of the buildings were renovated. During my first trip with my husband, we stayed at Villa Angela mansion, a hundred thirty years old house in which it was the house of the governador cillo before. It is one of the museum too where mostly things there are preserved, a relics from the past. Tom Cruise stayed there for a night when he shoot some part of the scene of Born on the Fourth of July film in 1989.

Calesa a horse drawn carriages is still present there as a means of transportation going around the city. Shopping there is not a problem because lots of antique shops where you can mostly buy native products of vigan. Staying in hotels is one way of experiencing living from the past, in which mostly are ancient houses. And aside from that, hotels are not that expensive, mostly affordable and reasonable price. Lots of restaurants there to choose too, that offers a native menu of Vigan and also caters menu for foreigners as well. The price is worth it, its not that expensive compares to Manila and Baguio.

Vigan is a perfect getaway, even though a tiring long trip (7hrs.) from manila to vigan via partas or dominion bus, but its worth it. It is a hidden paradise that evoked memories of the past. When you are there, lots of destinations to go with, such as the mestizo district offers a glimpse of colonial past of the philppines. The St.Paul's Cathedral was built by the Augustinians around 17th century along with the Plaza Salcedo west side of the cathedral. The Augustinian church where you can climb up at the belfry to see the view of the town. Aside from ancient buildings, you can visit the baluarte in which it is Governor Singson's fortress that features a mini zoo with exotic animals. Visit vigan's pagburnayan too, where they make a hand molded pottery. After a long day of site seeing, stop by at the Hidden Garden where you can relax looking at the beautiful gardens there.

Well, i think i said it all. Have fun traveling then!