Saturday, August 16, 2008

A bedtime story for kids by Terry W.

Originally wrote by my husband for our future here it is.....

A long long time ago, there was a big big tree in eastern Canada, biggest tree in the world, it was a pine tree, it was in present day province of New Brunswick near town of Fredericton, which took its name from that tree , who's name was Fred.

Fred was very good for town as his size brought many tourists but Fred didn't like weather as cold and snowy a lot he wanted to be where it was warm and sunshines a lot. He was talking with his friend a beaver one day and told him about his situation . The beaver's name was Phil (short i guess for Phillip maybe ).So Phil the beaver told him he could help, but if Fred wanted to go he would have to run far and fast as town would fetch him back as he brought tourists and money to Fredericton.

So Phil told Fred that he should lift his roots up and using his beaver teeth Phil would chew him loose. So they did that and Fred could wiggle his roots and move around as he was free from the ground.

So Phil told his friend he must leave fast fast or he would be discovered and they would probably cement his roots to the ground. Fred wondered where he would go and how he would get there, Phil said he should cross Canada to Vancouver and ride a boat to a distant land So Fred snick on top of a train one night and laid down and he rode the train hiding during day and stretching out at night all the way across Canada.

He got to Vancouver and he wanted to get on a boat but had no money ( he left his wallet in his other pants maybe, i dont know ? ). He met a nice nice captain of a boat named Irving, and Captain Irving said he could ride on his boat for free if he let the Captain hang a hammock from him once in a while so he could relax. Fred agreed happily, so Fred sailed to a far distand land and as the boat could not come into the lands harbor ( it was a big boat, and the land was an island with a shallow harbor).

Fred jumped off the boat and floated into shore like a big green surfboard. He saw some very pretty and friendly women who wore grass skirts and coconut husks on their tops.
When he stood up they went WOW ! Fred told them his story and
the chief of the village arrived to discuss it. The Chief said, You may live here but you need a permit, and we need to know your full name for our records. Well, Fred thought on this and replied:
"I cant give real name or else those who look for me might come find me and endager
those who are here " The chief thought on this and said " it is ok, you can use a new name instead, but choose well, as this is the name you shall carry from here forever more "Fred said ok, he thought about it hard and remembered his friends Phil and Irving, he asked the Chief, do i need a middle name ? the Chief said no but he should have a middle initial in case the name was used by others as well. So Fred said " ok here is what i chose" and he then had it wrote on the papers held by the chief.

Fred, under his new name was loved by all , for with his great height he could see where the pirates sailed, where the animals went for hunters, and he shaded little children from the hot hot sun.

So loved was he that his name is said from not only the one island, but all the others of the region he is forever known as,..and as a result , the islands themselves ............. Phil I. Pines

I love you hon, thank you for this wonderful story........muahhhhhhhh!


Gina lee said...

All thumbs up! Terry I'm your fan now.I'm your kindest, behave and not a bratty fan :-). This story should be published.

Dina said...

wow thanks maria, gi away man gud ko niya maria kaya naka himo sya story para mo smile daw ko hehehe...pero actually he wants to write a story book para sa iya umaabot na kid/kids hehhe....