Monday, September 28, 2009

20 weeks pregnant....

I am at 20 weeks pregnant right now, my tummy is a bit bigger as usual 20 week pregnant women i can say, but they said that every pregnancy and pregnant women is different depends on the body built of a woman too. At first, my husband and i and the my OB thinks i'm carrying a twin, but unfortunately i'm not! oh thank God for that as its hard to take care of 2 babies at the same time, but if it really was, so be it, i will be happy too as having twins runs in our family.

At 20 weeks, the baby measures about 6.5 inches or 16.5 centimeters from crown to rump. Vernix caseosa, a waxy, cheese-like white substance begins to cover the baby's body and protects during a long immersion in amniotic fluid in the utero and helps the baby passing through birth canal during delivery. The baby is now covered with a fine hair called lanugo on the entire body. And the baby is now practicing breathing in preparation for surviving outside the utero even though the lungs is not mature enough to breath air or not functioning yet. Perfect time to identify the gender of the baby through ultrasound as the genitals are clearly seen at this point. If its a girl, her uteros is completely formed and for a boy, the testes have begun descending from the pelvis into the scrotum.

At this week, the baby is big enough to feel the fluttering or quickening movements in a regular basis. You can tell if the baby is asleep or awake, but in my case, i rarely feel the movement, its just all fluttering, well, as i said awhile ago that every pregnancy and pregnant women are different. The baby can now clearly hear the sounds inside the uterine as the ears are fully functional right now. Time to play the mozart music for the baby right now, i read from the cnn news last week that playing or exposing your unborn baby at 20 weeks into mozart music or classical music may stimulate the brain, alot of studies done as we all know, that mozart effect, by playing mozart music to babies in the womb build neural bridges along which thoughts and information travels. And according to study, it can stimulate brain's alpha waves thus creating a feeling of calm. For me, true or not, there's no harm in trying, classical music does soothed me so why not playing for the baby then.

As for the mother's development, the skin starts stretching to accommodate the growing baby inside your belly. For me, i started using shea or cocoa butter at 4 months since my belly started to grow a bit early. Stretch mark is every mother's battle after pregnancy, well, its not a good sight in your body ofcourse, makes you feel ugly for sure, you cant wear any sexy clothes and 2 piece swim suit, but by using those lotion might be avoided or probably lessen the stretch mark, if not dermatologists can help.

i can't wait to feel the kicks of my angel......