Monday, November 24, 2008

my first visit to the doctor...

Just had my first visit to my husband's family doctor this noon, he checked my blood pressure, my tummy, asked me several questions and he said my expected date of delivery is on first or second week of June....a gemini probably, wow its a twin sign, i just hope i dont have twins, gosh its hard to take care for two babies though, yikes...but if its God's will then so be it. I will have alot of lab test to do and ultrasound too, checking how my baby is doing and to make sure that i'm healthy too.

Dr. Mckinze and his wife Pam are very close to terry and his father before, they are like second parents of my husband. He is the doctor of my husband since he was young. They are so thrilled and happy knowing that Terry will be a father soon. When i met them for the first time, they are so nice to me, they treated me so well, as if their second daughter too. I'm so happy to have a doctor that really take care of me. Rest assured that i will have a best doctor then.

God bless to all!