Monday, November 3, 2008

another lazy day for me....

i wanted to write this morning about my celine dion concert experience last oct. 21st in vancouver but i feel tired again just thinking about it, grrrr...lately i am so grouchy and lazy, gosh i dont know why hmmm.....maybe because the weather here, its been raining lately, i cant go out to clean the front yard as lots of falling leaves now or even do some gardening as i really want to plant more bulb flowers in preparation for spring....hmmmmmmm wait a minute, i've been here for almost 2 months now, and just experiencing this kind of weather, i guess its a part of my adjustment period here...oh well, the joy of living here in BC canada.....oh i should be thankful though, BC has the mildest weather than the rest of canada, infact its been snowy now, mostly part of canada except british columbia.

Have a blessed day to all!


Gina lee said...

Oi Dina. I love your background..dire pud Din sige na ulan..may nalang nagablog ko dii kaayo ko ma lonely, tapos busy pod sa mga bata...bisan ulan nagadrive drive gihapon mi dire sa neighborhood lang.