Thursday, November 6, 2008

Going to be a mother soon!

I just had my pregnancy test, twice 2 nights in a row, wow its all wonder i feel so tired lately, i have this mood swings that i dont understand sometimes. i know i feel the changes in my body but i keep on ignoring it.

When i saw the pregnancy test, gosh i have this mixed feelings, i felt so much joy in my heart at that moment but sad at the same time as its so soon for us (me and my hubby), i still have plans but i guess God's plan is different for us....well, its what i wanted actually, to be a mother soon, and God know's i'm not getting any younger.....All our plans suddenly freezes, but what the heck we can do all those in a couple of is more precious than ambition. God knows whats best, so i guess its perfect time for us.

Amazing how your body changes, not easy actually. Just lately i felt mild pain in my tummy same as you feel when your M.P. is coming, mild nose bleed, fatigue, nauseated and very emotional; according to what i read, its all normal...oh there's one too, i always feel bloated because of gas, again its normal during first trimester of pregnancy...

I know it wont be easy for the rest 8 months, being pregnant and giving birth is just the beginning. I am thankful for the blessings that God has given us, He truly answers my prayers.

God bless you all!