Wednesday, November 19, 2008

First trimester of my pregnancy...

For a first timer preggy like me, curious about all the happenings thats going on in my body right now. Still at the first trimester stage of my pregnancy, i sure do experience alot of changes in my body. During my first month, i felt tenderness of my breast, fatigue and the worst part is clog nose and minor nose bleed. I just had pinkish spotting when i hit my 2nd month, i feel nauseated and dizzy since the first month but never really vomit....hmmm...i guess thats another thing to expect this month.....i just had my appetite though, during my first month, i dont really like to eat, total aversion of main foods, all i can eat is just fruits and liquid intake, thank God my appetite is coming back right now, worst is that i crave mostly filipino foods, especially soup....hmmm i miss filipino foods right now, i miss the usual filipino soup, tinolang isda with malunggay...mmm yum!

Everything new that my body is experiencing right now, i always make sure its all natural, and so i keep on reading about pregnancy almost everyday.
what else you can do to put all the worries aside, you should be equipped with all the knowledge about it, you would know if its unsual or not and you would know the time you consult your doctor too.

through reading ~~during first trimester, a baby is concieved when a woman releases mature egg during ovulation and fertilised by strongest sperm amongst millions that releases during ejaculation by the man. Its the man determines the sex of the child as his genes carries half of the girl's chromosome which is x and the other half is y chromosome for the boy. For the mother she carries xx chromosomes. Both carries 23 genes and during conceptus both genes combined to create a unique person that carries different genetic make-up from both parents of 46 chromosomes. This genetic coding goes until 5 days, then the morula or the ball of genetic coded cells starts to travel from fallopian tube down to the mother's uterus, it takes 6 days to travel though and burrows to the lining of the uterus. It's why there's spotting during 12 weeks of pregnancy.

In 14 days, it becomes an embryo and fully implanted to the lining of the uterus. It is the time the mother feels changes in her body as the baby is united and tap to mother's blood stream. And so the baby releases hormone calle HCG or human chorionic gonadotrophin, so the mother's blood is the main source of norishment for the growing of the baby. For the entire 12 weeks or first trimester, the mother's body changes to provide a nurturing and protective environment for the baby to grow and develop. This is the time the mother feels morning sickness, frequent trips in the cr due to more supply of blood and fluids in the body for the baby, tenderness of the breast as the milk ducts prepares for the baby, nose bleed or bleeding gums due to excessive blood in the skin; bloating and cramps and backache, you usually feel it before your MP due to the growing of the uterus, another thing is tiredness and fatigue, dizziness and fainting as your body is adjusting to the changes of the body. Headaches is present too due to hormonal changes.

And for the baby, or for fetal development during first trimester: first week, conception occurs, second week is the fertilization, were both 23 chromosomes from the father and the mother combines and make it 46 chromosomes in which it contains genetic materials that determines the sex and traits such as the eye color, height, facial features and character of the baby. 3rd week is the implantation, where the balstocyst travels from fallopian tubes then burrows to the uterine wall for the nourishment. Placenta is form that will nourish the baby throughout pregnancy. 4th week, embryonic form begins, the baby's brain, spinal cord, heart and neural tubes and other organs begin to form. 5th week, the heart begins to beat, the blood vessels complete the circuit and the blood circulation starts. 6th week, the neural tube closes and the baby's heart beats in a regular rhythm. Basic facial features begin and respiratory and digestive systems begin to form too. 7th week, the umbilical cord appears, the baby's face is more define now, tiny nose, mouth and ears are visible now, you can see the paddle of the arm too. 8th week, the baby fingers and toes form this time, you can see the knees, elbows and wrist, and the the facial features i smore visible. The heart rate beats fast too as twice as the heart beats of the mother. 9th week, you can feel the movememt of the baby now, nipples and hair follicles and the internal reproductive system starts to form now. 10th week, the neurons multiply, baby's vital organ have a solid foundation now. The fingers and the toes are fully formed, tooth buds is forming as well, and if your baby is a boy, he starts producing the male hormone testosterone now.
11th week, the baby is a fetus now, the genitalia is develop and recognizable now, it's the time you can determine if your baby is a boy or a female. 12th week, the baby's fingernails and toenails appear and the nose and chin is more refined this time, and the head is nearly half the size of the entire body.

There, i said it all, i do hope i help those first time mommy to be in their quest in finding the answers to all the worries and questions about the body changes during first trimester. I will update and write my experiences and what to expect when i am in my second trimester of my pregnancy soon.

The joy of being a mommy......


Chelsea Leis said...

You'll definitely experience some changes during the first trimester. Just follow your doctor's advice on how to deal with the possible symptoms that you may encounter. How did your journey go, btw? How's your baby doing now?