Saturday, April 14, 2012

My Akira, my princess

this our big baby, Akira, she's a 4 year old rottweiler. We love and adore her so much, she's such a good dog especially around Douglas. It's just so sad, she had cancer at the ankle in her left hind foot. it was started around june 2011, we just noticed her ankle was swollen once in a while, when it's present she's limping, but when she rest her foot, it will disappear again, so my husband went to the vet and let her have her check up, the vet said it was just a rheumatoid joints and needs a 1500 dollar surgery, shikes!! that much! The swollenn and limping was on and off, until early december, she can barely walk with her swollen foot and was in pain. Oh it was so terrible looking at her, i've been trying to search the net, and found out that rottweiler or big dogs are prone to bone problems and it seems rottweiler breeds are predispose to bone cancer, it was shocking but still hoping it wasn't cancer for my Akira. Late december with the help of our good friends, she had her x-ray and had second opinion at other vet clinic. Indeed, my suspicion was true, she had cancer and it was spread in her liver already, at that day, it seems i prepared my self with the tragic news, but no matter how you prepared yourself, its still so much pain, though i was prepared to hear it, it seems i felt a stabbed in my chest and at the same time i felt hallow in my heart that i cant cry anymore. It was so painful for us, all the families that loved her so much, but its just so unfair for my baby to let her feel the pain, we know it wont heal and feel any better no matter what kind of meds or herbal interventions we gave, in early february, we let her sleep in peace with the presence of our good friend. We are just so thankful with the short time she spent with us, but her memories was enough to fill our hearts with love, laughter, and fun, her life brought more joy in every lives of all the people that loved her so much. Thank you my princess. We love you and misses you so much. God knows how much i love you my Akira.