Friday, March 19, 2010

my life's little miracle...

6 weeks ago i gave birth to a healthy 7.8 lbs. baby boy. We named him after my husband's father and my dad. He is truly my miracle.

Before i gave birth to my little one, i can say i struggled for a bit. Since i have gestational diabetes, i was induced a day before it reaches 41 weeks (well, my baby was over baked hehe..). I was in labor for 24 hours with prostaglandin, a vaginal gel inserted through birth canal. During early part of my labor they gave me morphine just to alleviate the pain but it makes me so dizzy and the sad part was after several hours, my labor did not progress, my cervix was just dilated 1 cm. So we waited for 8 hours to continue my induction. the next morning around 6 am they gave me oxytocin just so to increase the momentum of my labor. Within 5 hours i had nitrous oxide through mask oxygen inhalation as a pain reliever, when my labor peaks up and i'm in agony thats the time i inhaled the gas and the effect was just a matter of minutes, and when you ask about the side effect? boy oh boy it was unpleasant, i got dizzy and everytime i inhaled it i am hallucinating, that i heard voices, a man counting numbers and a woman talking but i dont understand i just my imagining or what?....thats why some people use it as a recreational drugs as it causes euphoria, sedated, dreamy and much to that..lets move on....after around 5 hours of my labor, my amniotic sac broke, there was gush of water and lots of it, i was alittle bit ashamed as it was messy on the floor, the doctor said towards the end of my pregnancy i accumulated a lot of water. The pain was intensified, oh goodness! the pain was unbearable, thank God they've given me epidural. Here comes the sad part again, my cervix was still dilated at 1 cm, the doctor checked again and told me that i was incapable of giving birth vaginally, that my cervix is too small for the baby, so we decided to go on cesarean, prior to my operation, the anesthesiologist given me anesthesia and my OB prepared me physically and psychologically, and again, i waited for 2 hours as the OR is busy, thank God my baby is doing ok.

On the 21st of February at exactly 3 pm, Douglas Celedonio Whitney was born.

Here comes complication again, after the operation, my blood pressure spiked up, i was in magnesium sulfate and was closely watched by nurses at the ICU, my blood pressure was 160/146 mm Hg, and that i am close to seizure. i remember they hooked me up with oxygen and every 15 to 30 minutes my blood pressure was checked round the clock for 24 hours. And for my little angel? they test his blood and found out that his white blood cell count was alittle bit high, so he was sent to the NICU and was on antibiotics for 5 days. The doctor assured us that there was nothing wrong with our little angel, maybe during the labor my temperature was alittle bit elevated that causes his white blood cell count slightly high, the doctor just wanted to make sure that he is totally healthy so they've given him antibiotics.

But once you saw your baby, all the pains are worth it! For me, i cried but this time its for the happiness i felt in my heart.

Life is so precious, sometimes you never know that your life is in danger, so we have to be ready all the time. Now that i experienced the pain during labor and taking care of my little one, i appreciate my mother more and to all the mothers out there, it wasnt easy, there are some who's life is in 50-50 chances in giving birth, and not to mention with those sleepless nights and tiring days in taking care of the babies too. I'm so proud of my mother and the mothers out there who's having multiples, gosh how can they do it, its super hard for sure, wow i just cant imagine how hard it is. For my mama and to my papa, I love you...thank you so much for taking care of us (me and my twin sis), for loving and guiding us for who we are right now....having 5 kids including 1 set of twins must be so hard, now its pay back time hehe, my turn to take care of my baby, just hoping and praying that i will raise him the way you raised us, your kids. Love you once again.