Saturday, March 13, 2010

my awful experiences during pregnancy....

I've been away from this site almost 4 months now, not just because i was lazy to post my thoughts about pregnancy, its just that i lost interest when i had my glucose test around 28 months of my pregnancy and found out that i had gestational diabetes. I was so shocked, i asked my doctor (my GP) and my OB why i got it as no one or nothing in my family history that had diabetes. For me, its like end of the world, thinking that i will suffer diabetes (might be) for the rest of my life, i'll be doomed then. But my doctor and my OB assured me that it was just hormonal changes and it doesnt mean that i will have it after the pregnancy (oh God forbid).

For 13 weeks i was in a special diet, no carbo no sugar, just higher intake of protein and fiber and alot of exercise. Oh it was really difficult; as the due date is getting closer, my tummy is getting bigger and heavier that it was difficult to exercise as my back is really killing me and my ankle and knees are really hurting that sometimes i wanted to give up. For 7 weeks i was in an insulin shot once a day every night through injection and do some poking to extract a small amount of blood in my fingers 7 times a day to test my blood sugar if its high or not.

I remember when i reached 39 weeks i asked my doctor to induce me as i wanted it to be over and done with, i got tired of all the aches and pain and the heaviness of my tummy and not to mention my awful diet and injections that i gone through everyday... but my baby has another plan, he wants to stay a couple of weeks more, the ob cant induce me as my cervix wasn't started to effaced and dilated yet, its risky to my baby, so i have to wait again.....i'm just so thankful with my husband, my cousin Gina and my friends who always there for me, guiding and advising me all throughout my pregnancy....this is my choice, so i have to endure all...thats why i call my baby my miracle as i prayed and asked him from God.....after i gave birth, i just realized that the sacrifices i did is just the beginning.......but happy and proud embracing the motherhood......welcome to this world my precious one! I love you so much!