Monday, September 29, 2008

My friend and I

My friend Ivy and her husband bruce and their cute little angel Joshua. My husband and i just had a visit with them last sunday at their lovely home in Burnaby.
When you are at other country you tend to seek people or a group who has the same race with you, so you wont feel so alienated with the new place you are with and the feeling of homesick will ease a bit, and it gives you comfort maybe just for a feel so glad knowing you can talk using your own language and share your thoughts with them. It seems you feel belongingness, a family away from family.....
For just a few instances, and i am lucky enough that my friend Ivy here is one of my neighbor back in my hometown in the philippines....she's married to a canadian national too and landed here at the same day with mine a year ago. I am proud to say that me and my husband will be a god parents to their son Joshua soon.....hoping and praying we will have our own child too soon.....ah well, God provides and God knows what's best for us......
God Bless to all!