Monday, September 22, 2008

canada, here i am!

Been in canada for a week and 4 days now, exploring maple ridge district a bit, wow, the place is beautiful, the air and the environment is clear and clean, and people here are courteous. what amazed me most are the flowers and the trees here, each kind possessed with vibrant colors, trees changes in colors as the weather changes, from green turns into red mostly, fantastic!

When i got here last September 11, it was sunny, the air is not that cold, and so i told my husband that the weather is perfect, no rain and the temperature is just like baguio, its a wow. But just in a few days later, the weather changes and starts raining now as its approaching to cold cold season starting on october, wow, its reeeeaaaaally cold, take note, its not winter yet hehehe....but we are lucky enough to know that we got a nicer weather, compared to the rest of canada.....hmmmm winter is just a few months away, anticipating how cold it is, my husband bought me a tiger stylish winter jacket in which it is very thick, he teased me that it is an ewok suit as it seems it makes me smaller with that jacket because of the thickness hehhee....hoping i can play in the snow when winter comes.....but according to my husband, we just got few days of snow here, and got rainy days mostly throughout winter, well, if ever the global weather wont change.....hmmmm...isn't that great? perfect! oh i forgot, its rainy here for about 8 months in a year..hmmmmm....greaattt!


Gina said...

yehey..abot na si Dina..sana makaadto sad mi diha