Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cloned animals to eat without labels

I saw this video in you tube, I just wanna share this, please click the title to see the video, FDA Approves Cloned Animals To Eat with No Label Or Research . I dont know if this is true or not but isn't scary to eat a cloned meat without a label or a thorough research from the the scientist whether it is safe to eat or not? And is it ok that they clone animals to have sufficient meat for us?

In my opinion I'm not ok with anything that is cloned, thats against the law of God and against the morality in our society. Yes there are positive sides in cloning but for me anything cloned from the original body or thing or something is never be the same as the original. What do you think about this video?


Jake said...

Unfortunately, the law of God you talk about can't rule everyone. Or perhaps that is a good thing. Cloned meat has the potential to solve a good amount of the world's food problems.

You also talk about a "moral code" that governs our society. This moral code that you follow may be looked upon with incredulity by someone 20 miles away, and may be laughable to someone 50 miles away.

BabyTiger said...

I just wanna react on Jake's comments... So it means its ok with you to eat a cloned meat without knowing if its good or bad for our body and without the approval of FDA yet, you never know it will cause sickness or cancer... ah well, everyone has their own choice.If thats what you choose then go for it. For me, if the FDA decided thats its safe to eat that kind of meat, if its good for my body, why not. Maybe i'm the first in line hehe... But the issue is its not approved by the DFA yet. Just that. Goodluck