Friday, July 4, 2008

Back to Basics

Ballooning global oil prices and the rice scarcity have put a dent on the pockets of the Filipino consumers. In early June this year, oil hit the $138 per barrel mark. The price is expected—and feared—to reach $200 per barrel by 2010.

The latest oil price spike spurred a P1.50 surge in the local prices of gasoline, diesel and kerosene. Average retail price of unleaded gasoline is now P56.46 a liter, diesel P49.44, while 11 kilograms of liquefied petroleum gasoline or LPG is sold from P615 to P661.

Because of the rising fuel costs, me and my family has learn how to roll the economic punches. Sobrang mahal na nang mga bilihin dito, specially the public transportations so high na. Before my sister and I loves to mall hopping, eat in the expensive restaurants, going to Davao just to watch the latest movies every weekend and even buying stuffs that are not needed. But now tapos na ang mga maliligayang araw namin hehe... cut off lahat, no budget for that anymore hehe.. I even learn how to make tawad in the wet market now and learn how to buy products that are a little affordable but the same taste and durability than those products with brands. I remember my uncle said that "Nowadays, with the economic crisis are getting higher and higher, its hard to invite others to join us in our dinner" its true. You know one of the culture of the Filipino is the hospitality, you can hardly find that now hehe... but of course we are still hospitable as ever to our guests but its not the same like before specially in terms of food. And you can hardly afford to have a big big party here. One kilo of rice now is very very expensive and even a clove of garlic and other spices and seasonings are expensive too. Now i learned how to cook without a complete recipe hehe... We even use charcoal for cooking and we even use it for ironing once in a while.

I read on the latest local news here that second hand and fuel efficient cars are very saleable now and even motorcycles. Im so glad that i still have my motorbike, I can still enjoy roaming around Digos for just P100 pesos a week. The only affordable vehicle for today I guess, thats why scooters, yamaha and a lot of motorcycles are kings of the road now. I pity my father because it really affects in his small business with the gasoline crisis now,he cant afford to drive his car daily. Now his planning to buy a motorbike as its oil efficient than his car.

I pity those people that cant afford to eat 3 times a day, how can they survive now? Thats why lots mugglers on the street now and beggars too.

Im not happy with the way our government now, The law makers in our government now are still fighting and arguing with bunch of nonesense crap and making publicity and popularity for the next election, but solving our main problem wich is the economy, they didnt do anything to ease the people with our crisis now. Instead they keep on yapping, pinpointing everybody and yelling each other. To think that they are the leaders in our country. TSK TSK... POLITICS. I hate it! We dont need that now! we want your actions and we need your attentions and untiy to fight our crisis now.