Thursday, May 6, 2010

Douglas at 10 1/2 weeks

boy oh boy! time fly so fast and babies growing alot faster than i thought. At this time, just saying a word "hello" to our bundle of joy, he is staring and smiling back at us. With that sweet toothless smile and pretty eyes truly melted our hearts. He is trying to imitate the word hello now by just saying "ow"...gosh its just so cute! He is more responsive and looking at colorful things around him now, he loves playing with his hands and sucking it too. I remember a month ago he was so cranky and fussy and wants to be carried or hold him most of the time, we used to call him Mr. instant gratification because when he is hungry or has wet diaper or just want me to hold him, he wants it right away, he will cry out loud if we wont be there and meet his needs right, i'm just so glad that he changed, he loves his swing and sleeps mostly for almost whole day now. I can have a nnice bath and can clean and do some stuff around the house too. I'm trying to take photos and videos of him as much as possible every week, babies grow fast, infancy is just a short time, i wanna capture and treasure every moments of my little one's developmental milestone.

Now, mommy is the world, next time mommy will be ignored, so i try to enjoy every moment with Douglas everyday.