Monday, August 24, 2009

inspired blogging again....

wow, its been almost 4 months i never been updated this site, thats how time fly so fast without knowing it, hmmm....actually i'v been hiding in my own little space, in the past months all i did was worrying and waiting anxiously with none sense things... but i did alot of sleeping too hehe....oh, dont be worry, everything is fine, i just and proud to say am 15 weeks pregnant right now, thank God i am passed the stage of high risk of miscarriage, well hopefully. As you know i had one last november, and because of fear, my husband and i tried to hide it from our family and friends for awhile, we've waited until our first ultrasound last aug. 6 as we dont want our family to be worried and we just wanted to make sure that the baby inside my womb is healthy. I almost cried when i heard the first fetal heartbeat during the ultrasound, it was so soothing to hear, knowing that our little angel is doing fine, it was like a beautiful music to my ear, all the worries has been erased, and replaced with hopes and dreams for our little angel. oh i just cant wait to feel the movement of my little miracle, soon!


tim said...

we are thesame, I am always inspired to write
to blog for it is a one way of letting my emotion out and be free.. from the pain that i am facing.. very fulfilling if I can write every day.. take acre!!